Sunday, March 02, 2008

Top Acne Solution Products

Almost everyone between the ages of 12 and 25 are affected in some way by acne so it is natural that acne solution products are big business. Prescription and over the counter sales of acne fighting products are in the billions of dollars and continue to rise with no let up in sight.

Not only is almost everyone in that 12 to 25 age group affected by acne, they will also at some point purchase at least one acne product and many

will by several and continue to do so. It is no surprise then that acne products are big business, so just what are these products and how do they work?

Facial cleanser products are designed to remove excess environmental pollutants and dead skin cells as well as dirt, dust, and oil. They are usually used two to three times per day. The advantages of facial cleansers over ordinary soap is that they are generally better for the skin because they are pH balanced.

Acne lotions are water and oil emulsions that should only be applied to unbroken skin. They usually have antibiotics, retinoids, skin exfoliants, or antibacterials in them. While some lotions can be purchased over the counter, the stronger ones are only available with a doctor's prescription.

Acne creams are semi-solid emulsions. The concept is to deliver anti-acne medications while providing a barrier of protection. Creams can also be used to help retain skin's moisture.

Acne soaps, like facial cleanser products, are pH balanced. They can provide a method for cleaning that will remove excess oil without producing undue drying.

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