Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Proactiv Solution Acne Control: The Blemish Busters

Do you suffer from acne? Is acne causing you to have a hampered social life? The Proactiv Solution acne treatment system offers the cure. Its 3-step system wipes out acne at its source.

Proactiv removes the impurities that bind with oil in your skin that act to clog your pores. Underneath the skin, inside these clogged pores,a bacterium grows. It is this bacterium that causes the reddening and swelling commonly known as a blemish.

Proactiv Solution delivers a three step system that unclogs the pores and attacks the bacterium at its source, deep within the individual pores.

It begins by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities with finely milled tiny grains of apricot pits. Rubbed on the skin with acotton ball, it serves to expose the clogged pores for delivery of the active ingredient: prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide.

Next soothing botanicals are applied to balance the tone of your skin. Excess oils are removed and the skin is left feeling and looking rejuvenated.

Finally, the skin is given a secondary, deeply-penetrating dose of prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide. With impurities and oils now completely out of the way, the active ingredient attacks bacteria at its source and wipes out the blemishes.

With the skin in this newly exposed state, it is recommended that you apply a sunscreen if you are to come into contact with the rays of the sun. Proactiv Solution offers an excellent sunscreen called Oil-Free Moisture w/SPF 15. This is no ordinary sunscreen. It is light, oil-free, and specifically designed for acne-prone skin. It will not contribute to re-clogging pores as will most oily sunscreens.

Proactiv Solution also offers Daily Oil Control for those with oily skin types as well as a Refining Mask to further boost the healing powers of the 3-step stock system.Regardless of your specific battles with acne, Proactiv has youcovered.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Acne In The Face

Diet has little or no effect on acne, though some people think they're sensitive to certain foods. If both your parents have acne, three out of four of your brothers and sisters will get it too. But if your sister is pimple-free while your face is a war zone, be aware that other factors can aggravate an acne outbreak. Acne can also appear with each menstrual period in young women and may clear up or substantially worsen during pregnancy. Certain cosmetics may aggravate by clogging the pores.


Although most pimples are best left alone, there is one kind that you can left alone, there is one kind that you can squeeze to help get rid of it. Sometimes pimple will have a little central yellow pus head on it. Gently squeezing usually pops there open very nicely. Once the pus is out, the pimple will heal more quickly.

When a physician considers acne as severe enough to warrant medical treatment, a topical preparation containing benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or salicylic acid is recommended. If this treatment does not produce an adequate improvement, an ointment containing tretinoin, a drug related to vitamin A, or tetracycline, an antibiotic, may be prescribed.

If acne is severe or does not respond to topical treatments, a physician may prescribe a long course of antibiotics by mouth. If all there measures are unsuccessful, the more powerful vitamin A drug insotretinoin may be prescribed by mouth.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue Light for Acne

Using blue light for acne almost sounds like science fiction or some gimmick cooked up by snake-oil selling con artist.

Topicals such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic Acid or oral medications such as tetracycline or isotretinoin, are the types of treatments we are most familiar with.

However, there are several blue light lamps that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have cleared for the medical treatment of acne.

Blue light for acne treatment is now available in medical offices and spas. Some of these lamps don't require a medical doctor to operate. Technicians or other trained personnel perform the simple procedure.

For one such lamp, blue light treatment requires biweekly visits to a facility for four weeks if the acne problem is mild or moderate. Or up to six weeks if it's severe. Each session lasts twenty minutes.

For some procedures, the affected areas of the skin are prepared with a solution that makes it more sensitive to light. This is supposed to allow the blue light to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Several independent studies have demonstrated that blue light reduced mild to moderate acne in 6 out of 10 test subjects. There were no reported adverse effects.

One blue light lamp manufacturer conducted its own study, which provided before and after photos of acne sufferers between the ages of 15 to 36. You can see that their skin had improved after the treatment. However, severe cases may require additional treatments.

Blue light works faster and reduced more acne than the test subjects who used benzoyl peroxide. Blue light therapy takes only weeks to clear acne, while benzoyl peroxide could take several months.

What genius stumbled upon the idea of using blue light to treat acne? Who would have imagined that it clears up acne faster than topical or oral medications? If you want a safe and proven acne treatment, then consider the power of blue light for acne control.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Easy Acne Cure

In this article you will learn an easy acne cure you can rely on to give you a beautiful complexion everyday for the rest of your life. This cure is working for thousands of acne sufferers around the world and is taking the natural health community by storm...

Requiring no expensive cleansers or topicals endorsed by celebrities, requiring no fad diets or fasting on apples for three days, and requiring no other time wasting acne 'cure' advice that leaves you with an empty wallet and 2 months worth of acne 'trying it out'.

This easy acne cure works. And it works within 3-7 days. Before I go on I should add that although this method may seem 'too simple', it is worth trying just because the results are so good. Anyway, here it is...

Easy Acne Cure - Step 1: Avoid vegetable oil. It causes inflammation (a known acne trigger) on a hormonal level (hormones being the no.1 reason for acne!) Sunflower oil is the main culprit, and is found mainly in pasta sauces, pesto and as cooking oil. DO NOT eat these IF you want clear skin.

By simply avoiding vegetable oil you will see an amazing difference in your skin- I can guarantee this!

Easy Acne Cure - Step 2: Get more nutrients into the body. When the body has an inefficient amount of nutrients it will start to act strangely...and one way it acts strangely is by giving you acne! So get LOTS of nutrients into your body now and start seeing possibly the best acne clearing results you will ever see in light-speed time!

Easy Acne Cure - Step 3: Check for and kill any fungi or yeast infections. These are a major hidden cause of your acne and should be eliminated asap. When I got rid of my infection, wow, my skin really didn't go back to getting acne again.

So now you know what it takes to clear up your acne for good. No more cleansers or other expensive cures, just the beautiful complexion you deserve. This easy acne cure is all you need.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

How To Cure Acne

In this brief article you will find out how to cure acne. Although clearing your skin may seem like an impossible task given the amount of different techniques you have tried so far, I can guarantee that the 3 steps I describe will work for you, and will work for you fast!

I suffered from acne for 11 years and found that no matter what I tried nothing seemed to work. This was extremely frustrating, but I never gave up. Over the last year I have developed my own acne cure, rather than follow other people's advice, and this has lead to me curing my acne. Now I pass this information onto to others with the acne plague...

Here are the three basic steps to curing your acne:

1. Avoid vegetable oil. This is the worst acne causing food in the world because it causes hormonal inflammation that results in break outs. I really cannot emphasize how important it is that you avoid vegetable oil IF you want clear skin.

The main source of vegetable oil (and your acne) is vegetable cooking oils such as sunflower oil. Do NOT cook with these if you want to cure your acne. You should also check the food ingredients labels for vegetable oil and avoid foods that have vegetable oil in it.

By simply avoiding vegetable oil you will see a dramatic improvement in your skin, with often a complete clear up in just a few days.

2. Eat more nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are amazing acne fighting nutrients which most, if not all acne sufferers are deficient in. This is because modern food is depleted in these nutrients. To address this acne causing factor simply eat more wholefoods and vegetables, whilst taking some supplements will help a great deal too.

Getting plenty of nutrients into your body will go a long way to curing your acne and can sometimes be the only thing you need to do.

3. Check for and eliminate any fungi or yeast infections. These cause acne even in people who are not usually prone to getting acne! If you find that you have an infection, like I did, once you kill it you will clear up your skin.

Now you know how to cure acne. These are the basic steps and will usually be all you need to clear your skin, but more advanced techniques exist which you can find out about from my website.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Can Stress Trigger Acne Problem - What's The Solution?

Everyone experiences stress. Without it would be so laid back we would hardly move,our lives would be at a standstill and we'd be incapable of reacting to danger. Stress ,in physiological terms ,means the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream caused by panic or fear. When this happens, the sebaceous glands go into overdrive producing sebum. This increases the likelihood that pores will become clogged with the sticky substance, thereby resulting in the development of comedowns.

Elimination of stress from life completely is not possible.But you can manage your life by adopting some very useful stress management techniques. Establishment of certain habits to encourage relaxation is really important to lessen stress from your life. Teens are more prone to this type of outbreak because of hormonal changes.

If you find yourself wanting to manage stress in your life, but you feel you just don't have time to learn a new technique or take on a time-consuming regular activity, you're in luck. These are stress relievers for busy people like you: they're easy, quick, or fit into your schedule with little fuss. If you don't have a lot of time to devote to change, these will give you a good return for little effort.

Taking vitamins can help you in relieving stress.You should take daily vitamins which will boost your immune system. You should always consult your doctor before taking Vitamin B complex, Calcium and Magnesium, and Vitamin C . But they are best and quick method for stressful people to heal them.And they can also help in enhancing beauty.

Listening music is one of the best ways to relieve from stress.Music has proven health and stress relief benefits, and can be easily used in daily life to relieve stress. Busy people can turn on music during their morning routine, commute to and from work, during dinner, or at other times to relieve stress as they go about their daily activities.

Meditation and yoga can also turn fruitful in this process. Yoga ,breathing exercises can calm your body and soul too. It is creating wonders since ages. Yoga is also proved in beautifying the skin .One very effective exercise is to 'inhale peace' and 'exhale your stress'.

Aromatherapy is a very gentle form of massage and utilizes essential oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs. It is based on the belief that smells are very important to your well being, inducing moods of calm and helping us to re-orientate ourselves. Thus results in distress ourselves. These oils also helps in curing acne problems.

Optimists and positive thinkers experience better health, less stress, and more 'luck' in life. While it takes a little practice to develop a more positive frame of mind, the practice takes little extra time and can really change your whole experience of life and how you live it. After some initial learning and a bit of practice, and the rewards are continual, which is a pretty bit payoff. Not sure if you're an optimist or pessimist?

It is said that "Man is a social animal" and socializing plays a pivotal role in curing stress.So go ahead and meet people you know or start making new friends. chat with them on topics which make you laugh.Establish close ties with family and friends. A group support will tremendously boost your immune system.

Eventually ,it is you who can help yourself. Try to adopt these methods in your life for a stress free life and acne free face.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Causes Of Acne And Its Impact

Acne is the biggest threat to the youths in today’s world. No medication can directly help you to get rid of this ailment instantaneously. Acne can happen at any point of time, but the youth has been seen to suffer the most. Most of us are not quite aware of what Acne is and the impact that it has on vital organs of our body. This article relates the causes of this disease and its impact on our physical conditions

The kidneys and bowels are the two major organs that help in excretion from the body. As a result if these organs can’t remove the toxins fast enough that’s when the acne breaks out. Fat digestion is usually the biggest problem. The liver is unable to wash out the stored chemicals from the fat in the body. Another problem could be the accumulation of hormones in the body. The major cause of Acne is hormone imbalance which arises due to secretion of oily stuff called sebum from sebaceous glands. Hormones, Heredity and Environmental factors such as pollution and humidity also lead to Acne.

The liver’s main role in body is to metabolize the stored fat and convert it into usable energy for the body. If the toxins in the body build up faster than the kidneys and bowels can process them, then the kidneys and bowels get plugged up and then they don’t function properly. The toxins get dumped in to the liver as a result of this malfunction. As the kidneys become overloaded, the liver fails to work. Hence the kidneys and bowels are supposed to do more than what they usually function. This leads to a total imbalance and gives rise to Acne. Toxins pass gradually through lungs and skin which are secondary sources of expulsion. This is the time when Acne breaks out.

The impact of Acne to the body is manifold. It affects the vital organs of the body. Acne is just the start of destruction as it slowly starts affecting the lungs, liver and kidneys. Medications at that point of time may somewhat resist Acne but again when it breaks out will again weaken the vital organs of the body. Hence proper care should be taken to get rid of Acne permanently.

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