Friday, June 01, 2007

Causes Of Acne And Its Impact

Acne is the biggest threat to the youths in today’s world. No medication can directly help you to get rid of this ailment instantaneously. Acne can happen at any point of time, but the youth has been seen to suffer the most. Most of us are not quite aware of what Acne is and the impact that it has on vital organs of our body. This article relates the causes of this disease and its impact on our physical conditions

The kidneys and bowels are the two major organs that help in excretion from the body. As a result if these organs can’t remove the toxins fast enough that’s when the acne breaks out. Fat digestion is usually the biggest problem. The liver is unable to wash out the stored chemicals from the fat in the body. Another problem could be the accumulation of hormones in the body. The major cause of Acne is hormone imbalance which arises due to secretion of oily stuff called sebum from sebaceous glands. Hormones, Heredity and Environmental factors such as pollution and humidity also lead to Acne.

The liver’s main role in body is to metabolize the stored fat and convert it into usable energy for the body. If the toxins in the body build up faster than the kidneys and bowels can process them, then the kidneys and bowels get plugged up and then they don’t function properly. The toxins get dumped in to the liver as a result of this malfunction. As the kidneys become overloaded, the liver fails to work. Hence the kidneys and bowels are supposed to do more than what they usually function. This leads to a total imbalance and gives rise to Acne. Toxins pass gradually through lungs and skin which are secondary sources of expulsion. This is the time when Acne breaks out.

The impact of Acne to the body is manifold. It affects the vital organs of the body. Acne is just the start of destruction as it slowly starts affecting the lungs, liver and kidneys. Medications at that point of time may somewhat resist Acne but again when it breaks out will again weaken the vital organs of the body. Hence proper care should be taken to get rid of Acne permanently.

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