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Hypnotherapy and The Alchemy of Healing

Paradigms of Disease Formation
A culture's approach to treating disease is based largely upon the belief system through which that culture regards the origin and meaning of illness. Whatever that belief system (or paradigm) is, there are some diseases that respond extremely well to the treatments dictated by the existing paradigm, and others which appear to defy the existing treatments, and thus call upon that society to create a new definition of the origins and purpose of disease. For example, pre-civilized native cultures frequently regarded illnesses as the curses of dark spirits, or the result of breaking some social taboo. The treatments based upon this model, including exorcism rituals, direct communication with spirits, aggrieved ancestors, and the angry Gods, were often sufficient (perhaps in conjunction with healing herbs that are the foundation of most modern medicines) to heal the diseases and infections usually encountered by the tribe. This paradigm breaks down, however, in the face of the mass infectious diseases (i.e. smallpox) of western civilization.

Modern allopathic medicine has its own paradigm of disease, based largely upon the treatment of these same diseases. This paradigm suggests that disease is the result of the invasion of the body by viruses, bacteria, and other parasitic organisms. This paradigm allows for highly successful treatment of infectious diseases, but provides very little help for a new generation of disease processes (including most commonly, cancer, but also multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases), which do not fit into the common paradigm.

Oriental medicine, whose paradigm of disease is that the patient suffers from an imbalance of energies in the body, or a blockage of such energies within the etheric pathways called meridians shows a remarkable agility in treating those very diseases for which the modern allopathic physician can do so little.

Naturopathic medicine has its own paradigm of disease, in which disease processes are regarded as the result of toxins and stress accumulating in the body and causing a breakdown of the bodily systems. Naturally, fasting, nutritional supplementation, herbs, and lifestyle changes are the recommended treatments.

It's my belief that it is a mistake to assume that any one paradigm of illness is correct or scientific and others are false or superstition. All of the systems of healing have proven their worth over years (sometimes centuries) of successful application, thus proving that each paradigm of healing holds some measure of the truth.

The Hypnotist's Paradigm

The question then becomes: What is the hypnotherapists belief system about disease, and what techniques, based upon that belief system, can help hypnotherapists to activate the healing power of the subconscious mind, as an adjunct to medical treatment?

Hypnotists assume that the operations of every part of the body, including digestive processes, respiration, and the activities of the immune system are under the direct control of the subconscious mind. We can therefore make the assumption that a client's disease process is to some extent created, controlled, and ultimately eliminated, through the power of the subconscious mind. This refers not only to the so-called psychosomatic illnesses, but to all disease processes, including bacterial and viral conditions.

Illustrations of such a mind/body connection fill the literature. Changes in attitude and feeling have been reported by thousands of sufferers from AIDS, cancer, polio, etc. to have had profound effects on their physical condition. The fact is scientific research accepts that at least 35% of patients experience a placebo effect that is, a completely ineffectual substance, when presented as a healing medicine, stimulates the patient's subconscious mind to improve or eliminate the condition. Some research in fact indicates that this so-called placebo effect may affect up to 60% of research subjects'a success rate comparable to that of the most effective modern medicines. The placebo effect is nothing less than the power of post-hypnotic suggestion!

The Alchemist's Paradigm

The Alchemical Hypnotherapist takes the subconscious creation paradigm of disease one step further: we suggest that the client's subconscious mind creates a particular disease process in order to serve a unique purpose for the client's internal world. Thus healing world consists of finding a new, healthier way of getting this purpose served or this need met. Once this goal is achieved, the immune system can be mobilized to eliminate the disease and restore the internal balance of the body. While this work is no substitute for appropriate medical treatment, we can vastly increase the immune system's ability to create healing, by eliminating the subconscious processes of disease formation.

So how do we access these subconscious motivations for disease and eliminate them? First, we need to point out to all our clients that their conscious mind is not and has never been the source of disease. It is both bad psychology and bad medicine to say to an ill person: I wonder how you created this disease? The origins of the disease lie well beneath the patient's conscious intentions and control, and cannot be accessed by laying a guilt trip upon the already suffering patient. Rather, what I say to them is this: It's possible that subconscious patterns of feeling and belief may be contributing to the disease you are suffering. To the extent that I can help you discover and alter such patterns through hypnotherapy, I can help you to accelerate the healing process, in conjunction with appropriate medical treatment. Thus we lay the groundwork for healthy, guilt-free explorations.

The Alchemist's Methods

The next essential step is to induce a hypnotic trance in order to access these subconscious motivations. The client's subconscious disease-maintaining patterns are not easy to access, because of deep pain and denial. Therefore, I recommend a gentle, long induction in which we speak very softly and gently to the client. It may take a number of weekly sessions to access the deepest, most frightening, and most important motivations.

One can utilize trance to enter the affected body part as if it were a room, and then address the contents of the room as the symbolic content of the disease process. William Reich's research in the 1930's suggested that the unexpressed pain and trauma of our past is stored in the musculature and connective tissue of our bodies, creating tension, blocks in circulation and ultimately pain and disease. Such memories can be stored in my experience in internal organs as well. By entering this room of the illness in hypnosis, we may be able to identify both the external persons who are connected to this stored pain and the specific memories in which the pain originated. We can then utilize emotional release and child rescue processes to alter the memories stored in the body and thus release the pain and tension contained therein.

The memories unlocked through this process are likely to be very traumatic in the case of serious diseases. One should not attempt this kind of uncovering without a thorough background in regression therapy, emotional release, and inner child healing.

For example, a client enters a fibroid tumor in her uterus and discovers there a fetus that she aborted years before. After she expresses her grief and remorse about the abortion to this child and receives the child's forgiveness, the tumor disappears. Another client discovers in his chronically swollen knee a memory of childhood abuse. He needs to rescue his inner child from that abuse, including expression all of the feelings that remain unexpressed, and thus stored in his body, from the incident. This will help him release the trauma stored in the knee.

Another technique involves talking to the disease entity as if it were a person or an animal and finding out in what way it is serving the client. For example, the client's hypnotic search for the cancer entity turns up a green monster that says: I'm here to make you leave this miserable marriage one way or the other! Now the choice is no longer perceived as surgery vs. radiation, but more importantly as divorce/marriage counseling vs. death. This technique allows us to directly access the purpose which the disease is serving at a subconscious level for the client.

A related technique involves asking in the inner landscape of the client: What part(s) of the client have hired this disease? (Or want this disease?) We may, for example, discover that the client's inner critic is punishing them for carnal sins with allergic reactions, or that an inner romantic has hired multiple sclerosis because it doesn't want to live a lonely, loveless life any longer. The hypnotherapist who has a background in sub-personality work (sometimes called voice dialogue, psycho-synthesis; or parts therapy) can help clients through this labyrinth of self-destructive behavior by helping these parts of the client to get their needs met in other ways. For example, the critic can perhaps be persuaded that the client can achieve more to atone for his sins by loving others selflessly than he can by suffering allergies. Or the inner romantic can be persuaded to join other parts of the client in actively pursuing a lover rather than suffering a disease. While sub-personality work is sufficiently complex as to be beyond the range of this article, it remains a powerful and significant aspect of the healing process. It is often essential to discover and remove the secondary gain that often stops or slows recovery from illness.

A number of regressive strategies may be used to address the emotional causes of illness. One of them is asking the client to go back to the time that the disease entity was first hired at the subconscious level. This allows us to explore whatever incident triggered the onset of the disease process. It is important not to confuse the time the disease is hired with the onset of symptoms or the arrival at a diagnosis, as these things may occur a year or more after the disease process begins. The initial trigger event could be a major loss, a divorce, a period of unemployment, or any other major life change.

A different regressive strategy will take us deeper into this initial pain by asking when these feelings first began. This allows us to explore childhood and past life incidents, which set the stage in the subconscious mind for the client's extreme reaction to this trigger event. For example: the client's loss of a beloved wife may subconsciously re-stimulate the loss of the mother's love in infancy and thus elicit a terminal illness as the result of a reactivated death wish from childhood.

One of the most powerful strategies for the advanced client is the exploration of karmic deeds, crimes we have committed against others in the past, which follow us to the present life seeking retribution. This karma may directly affect the client's present health challenge. The instructions I give to the client are these: Let's go back to a time long ago when you did something that created this pain and suffering for yourself This process not only allows us to identify the reason for this suffering at the spiritual level, but allows us to establish an atonement which eliminates the need for further karmic retribution in the form of an illness. This process is especially valuable for clients who have a spiritual orientation to their therapy.

Another of the Alchemical strategies is to assist clients in contacting an inner healer. This resource state within the inner world is available to the client twenty four hours a day in addressing both the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual origins of the illness. The inner healer also provides daily meditations of healing which can be anchored directly through hypnotic suggestion to the pain and symptoms of the illness.

These are some of the many techniques used by the Alchemical Hypnotherapists to discover the underlying purpose of disease processes and help create alternative ways to meet that purpose. Thus we not only help restore the body's health, but help our clients to experience that profound empowerment that comes when one has discovered the meaning of an illness, learned its lesson for us, and consciously and lovingly released it.

It would be a mistake to assume that the subconscious motivation model of disease and treatment modalities outlined in this article represents the only legitimate paradigm of disease, or even necessarily the best. As a health care professional, we are both ethically and legally required to refer our clients to both mainstream physicians and other alternative practitioners so that the illness can be addressed from as many perspectives as possible. Nevertheless, as hypnotherapists we offer an invaluable perspective to all other health professions by addressing the clients illness from the perspective of subconscious motivations the perspective of the soul.

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Living with acne is something the majority of teenagers and many adults deal with throughout their lives. Statistics show that almost 70% of all teenagers will have problems with acne. They also show that 25% of all adult men and 45% of adult women will have a problem with acne at some point in their lives. Whether its body acne or facial acne, both forms are frustrating to deal with. Body acne can often be hidden by clothing, but the most embarrassing form to deal with is facial acne.

Living with acne is difficult for many people, and whether it's an adult or teenager it causes a loss of self confidence as well as depression and anxiety. Chronic acne sufferers know the frustration of trying to find the cure for their problem. They've tried numerous creams, topical applications and prescriptions to combat their problem, and in most cases they still haven't found that magical cure. Many acne sufferers are resigned to the fact that they will always have a problem with acne and just give up trying to find a fix.

For chronic acne sufferers, the wait is over. Our research has found an all-natural form of acne relief that will clean up pimples and over time will also improve any scarring. It's taken once daily in a pill (gelatin capsule) and claims to "treat acne from the inside out". It works for both teenagers and adults and it will help to fight off inflammation and will eliminate spots, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. When used over time, acne will begin to clear and older scars will begin to heal.

Acnezine is rich in anti-oxidants and because it's all-natural it's very safe to use. No prescription is needed and it can be taken without dermatologist supervision. Unlike some prescriptions which have side effects it is safe to use, even when pregnant.

Acnezine cannot be bought in stores; it's only available on line. The manufacturer is so confident in how their product performs that they offer a 6 month money back guarantee. Simply stated, if you're not satisfied with the results, they will refund your money.

We highly recommend using this product. Thousands of users have seen the benefits of using Acnezine and it has greatly enhanced their lives. What have you got to lose?

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Effective Acne Treatment

For an acne treatment to be effective it needs to treat the reason for the outbreak. Acne is most often associated with teens, but in fact anyone of any age can be inflicted with the problem. Although acne is not considered to be a severe disease, it does have serious and negative effects on a person's self esteem and confidence.

If you have acne you know what it's like to spend almost every waking minute worrying and wondering about the treatments you are using. Many people can not feel good about themselves if they have blemishes and they find it difficult to socialize at all if they suffer from acne.

A lot of the acne treatments you buy without prescriptions are formulated to suit young skin, so if you are suffering with adult acne, they probably won't be ideal for you. Some products can provide short term improvements, but they fail to deal with the underlying causes deeper in the skin.

It is important to be aware of what is in acne medications you are using. This will make it easier to know which products are the same as past ineffective ones.

If your skin is sensitive, try natural products before stronger medications. Sometimes all it takes is regular cleansing with the right ingredients for your skin and your acne will be gone for good.

Just because someone you know recommends a product that has worked well for them doesn't mean it will provide the same results for you.

When you take a medication internally there will often be side effects such as dry skin, itching and irritation which can sometimes even lead to more breakouts. Quality acne products will often offer a money back guarantee if you don't see results within a month, which proves they have faith that it works.

Benzoyl peroxide is a common and popular acne fighting ingredient in a lot of products. It will dry up pimples and kill bacteria, but excess drying can cause more breakouts as well.

The real answer to treating acne lies in nutrition: natural foods like green vegetables, whole grains foods rich in essential fatty acids can rebalance hormones, sebum production and vitamin levels.

A good way to work out which foods could be contributing to your acne problem is to make a record of everything you eat. Eliminating different types of foods for a month or two at a time will help you work out what is best for you. Women should also track menstruation to determine if the problem may be related to hormones.

Water is also extremely important to eliminating acne. Your skin is attempting to excrete toxins from the body that could otherwise be washed out with water. Drinking plenty of water and sweating through exercise will eliminate toxins from your skin.

Some people may notice when they are worried or feeling stressed, they have an outbreak of acne. This is due to the hormonal changes that occur during times of stress and staying healthy is the best way to combat this as well.

There are so many different acne treatments on the market and if you have tried over the counter products and find they haven't worked your next step is to visit the doctor for a prescription. Alternatively there are skin specialists who deal with laser therapy, micro dermabrasion and other effective, yet costly procedures.

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Acne Treatments That Don't Work

The majority of acne products don't work. Every month, more and more companies decide selling acne products to acne sufferers is very profitable, so they quickly come up with a product, mix a few chemicals, add a little benzyl peroxide, and label the product as a guaranteed cure to acne.

It's true. Acne treatment companies are making a killing, selling us acne suffers promising products that don't work. More and more of these come up each day hoping to earn a shilling from the pot. Acne suffers are so vulnerable, because we are constantly desperately searching for the latest acne treatment products that work.

So, how do these companies do it? The most common approach is to take Proactive, remake their three-step treatment, and market it as a different brand and label the treatment as better than Proactive. We've all seen this common marketing scheme. Other companies come along, take a few two dollar vitamins here and there, place them into a bottle, and market the pills as kills acne inside out, and they sell it for forty dollars. These acne products have very low success rates and have come to dominate the acne treatment market. Affiliates are promoting these rip-off products hoping to earn a share from the million dollar pot and guess what? These affiliates never suffered from acne in their lifetime and they're recommending us acne treatments.

There are a few e-books (digital books emailed to you) out there today which also claim to cure acne. These authors claim that if you detoxicate your body for three days (or in essence, starve yourself for three days), you'll be completely acne free. All you need to do is to eat apples and drink many glasses of water everyday, and you'll be free of acne. This is a very promising statement, but in reality, starving yourself for three days doesn't equal becoming acne free. Your acne will probably slightly diminish, but it will come right back after you start eating again. Acne is somewhat related to diet, but to completely cure acne requires a consistent healthy diet kept over a period of a year. Definitely not three days.

Almost, not all, of the acne products claiming to treat your acne inside out naturally don't work. They send you a load of vitamins and foreign herbs which may smell nice, but they are just giving a placebo effect they make the skin healthy and soft, but do not treat acne. Their success rates are very low, and they treat only the mildest of mild acne situations if they actually work. It's obvious why these treatments do not work they are vitamins, not acne treatments.

An effective acne treatment is one that:

#1: Keeps pores clean clogged pores lead to acne

#2: Kills skin bacteria bacteria causes inflammation in acne, which leads to moderate/severe acne

#3: Solves the problem inside out no, it's definitely not vitamins and herbs

Thankfully, each year a decent acne treatment does get produced which involved years of research. Electronic acne treatments have taken a leap over acne creams and medications these devices took years of research to perfect. Zeno and blue light therapy (light bulb) are both highly researched devices that are commonly used to treat acne.

The main purpose of electronic devices out there today is to kill the bacteria that causes inflammation in acne. Bacteria often get trapped in the pore, which provides a favorable location for the bacteria to reproduce. This causes inflammation in the pimple. By killing off the bacteria, this prevents the acne from getting worse, allowing the pimple to quickly heal when the pore is clean again.

Why should you use electronic devices when acne creams do the same thing? Benzyl peroxide in acne treatments should kill bacteria, but after applying benzyl peroxide to the face for a few months, the bacteria that causes inflammation in acne start to resist it. By using blue light therapy or Zeno, you can provide an uninhabitable environment for the bacteria, specifically p.-acne, which kills 99.9% of the bacteria within a week. Benzyl peroxide's effectiveness is never this high.

There are a few topicals currently on the market that doesn't use benzyl peroxide to kill the acne causing bacteria. These products are more worthwhile to purchase, and if these acne treatments help treat your acne, they will work for much longer than any benzyl peroxide product out there.

Overall, you just shouldn't try out new acne treatments that nobody has used. There are no new miracle acne treatments being produced, so don't get your hopes up. Be sure to research the chemicals used in acne products, and make sure the chemicals in your acne treatments aren't skin irritants - these lead to further breakouts.

See examples of bad acne treatments.

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Fight against ACNE

Acne is a common skin problem not only in the USA but in many parts of the world. For many, they resort to the use of medicines in order to get rid or even prevent acne. It has to be taken note of that there are natural and easy ways to get rid of such a skin problem. We would be pleased to share with you tips that would let you be acne-free.

The following are the steps to take in order for you to keep your skin free from skin problems:

· Water therapy

You could prevent acne by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, this would keep you hydrated and let you overcome having too much clogged up pores. When you drink this amount of water, you could shed dead cells properly.

· Healthy diet

Eating vegetable and fruits would not only keep you healthy over-all but it would let you have healthy skin specifically.

· Natural for beauty

With so many beauty products, you would be tempted to try them with the hope that their promises to make you look great or keep your face smooth and healthy. Without you knowing it, they could harm your skin. They could even lead your skin to some disorders. Instead of using such chemical-based, you could try the natural things or products with natural components. One great example is soaps with tea tree oil.

· Stress? Out!

As shown by studies, there is a greater chance of having ACNE especially after puberty. This is a stage when hormonal changes are at their peak. The more you get stressed, the more your body would react to it. Relax, when you control stress, your body could produce more cortisol, which is helpful against acne or its agents.

· Not much coffee

Caffeine is identified to cause more stress by producing stress hormones in the body. This is not healthy for your skin, stress would aggravate acne.

Take these as reminders; you would surely be acne-free!