Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Acne Cured - Magical Solution For Clearing Acne

There are many things which lucky people do in their mornings, but I have to do one simple thing daily like you. YES - Seeing my face in the mirror to find a big bulging zit, sometimes on the nose and some days on the cheek.

No matter, there are many lucky people in the world who are not facing the same situation, but what happens is these people instead of being sympathetic, they start giving us advices at no cost , which do not work and in turn increases the depression of having the haunting pimple. If you are facing the same situation, proceed further to find the most stunning solution you always have been looking for.

The magazines, journal, and newsletters are filled of the tips and products which claim to give you an acne free life. But do you know their costs. It goes sometimes till US $300 of one pack and this pack will serve you only for the maximum of 25 days and the advertisement was saying to use the product for 6 months. No one knows whether this will give you an acne free clear skin or not but what I know is this will eat up your all savings, give you more depression and increase your acne.

But the solution which I have is most magical, cheapest, and the most stunning. Your friends will be stunned to look at your face. It is NUTMEG which is being talked about by the acne sufferers but you know there is a special technique of applying NUTMEG which will help to clear acne.

To have a pimple on the face is chronic, but more chronic is, not willing to go school, office, parties etc because of the pimple. Studies have shown that nothing ruins the confidence of the teenager more than the acne does. It hurts the self esteem of a growing personality.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Acne Scar Treatment the Easy Way

Acne is a common condition which affects many people all both genders and all ages, young and old. Although more widespread throughout puberty and teen years, acne can and does last into your 20s or 30s and above. The problem with acne is that if untreated or if treated improperly, it can leave scars in affected areas.

Acne scar treatment is a difficult science. There are several general approaches which have varying degrees of success.

#1 - home remedies: rubbing sandlwood paste or ice cubes over the scars, applying cucumber juice or various other fruits and vegetables directly to the scar area. These types of acne scar treatment should generally be avoided - if it were that easy to solve acne scars, nobody would have them. Wiping fruit and veg on your face isn't going to change your skin!

#2 - laser: laser acne scar treatments are the first arm of a technique known as "dermabrasion", where the top layers of skin are removed to allow new skin to regrow in it's place. This new skin will be scar free, assuming that the dermabrasion is performed correctly. If the top skin is removed poorly or burned by the laser, it can lead to more scarring.

#3 - surgery: skin grafts and other surgical techniques are also used to treat acne scars. With this technique, healthy unscarred skin from other parts of the body is sliced off and moved over the scarred areas, much the same way as burn or crash victims have their skin replaced. While this can work well, you may be left with lines around the edges of the affected areas, and it can be expensive and time consuming.

#4 - chemical peels: the last type of acne scar treatment I'll cover here, and probably the most widespread and easily available. You can buy peel creams over the counter and use them at home, but do always read the label and be very careful. The principle is the same as some of the techniques above - remove the top layers of skin, gradually and slowly, and allow new skin to grow back.

Chemical peels or any of the other acne scar treatments will struggle to make deeply pocked or marked skin perfect again, but you can have some beneficial impact with a little patience and proper information. Be sure to talk to your doctor and dermatologist before you embark on any skin resurfacing scar treatment programme.

There's a great book about how you can cure your acne naturally, including the author's experiences with chemical skin peels to successfully treat his scarring. It's called "Acne Free In 3 Days", and it tells the story of how a chronic acne sufferer learned to keep his acne under control, permanently.

Learn more about natural acne treatments - and discover how you can permanently cure your acne in 3 days - at Cure-Acne-Today.com.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What is the Best Product For Your Acne Care?

Acne is not permanent, it doesn't have a vaccination yet, but, there are plenty of products you can use out there. Companies making these acne cure skin products will do everything for you to buy them by saying that it is effective cure for the acne. These products may be effective for temporary treatment only. Here is the list of acne cure skin products that are clinically proven safe you can use to treat your acne.

Freedom Gel is a clinically proven product which is actually a cooling, fragrance-free topical gel that contains 4% nicotinamide. Nicotinamide is a proven anti-inflammatory treatment for acne. It is especially made for tackling the redness and tenderness of the acne spots. It works from inside of the spots to overcome redness and targeting those that are just starting to appear on your face.

Panoxyl Acnegel is an effective treatment for mild and moderate one. It contains 10% of the active ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is an anti-bacterial agent. It is safe to use daily and the result will be visible in just a few weeks. Like Freedom gel, Panoxyl Peroxide also does not contain any fragrance or medicated smells.

Panoxyl Wash 10 is one of the effective treatments that people use to cure their acne. It is used for treating and reducing the severity of the acne. And also, does not contain fragrance smells and medicated smells. It is also safe to use every day and will give you the result in a couple of weeks.

Quinoderm Cream contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, 0.5% Potassium Hydroxyquinoline Sulphate and is also a good treatment for acne. Quinoderm Cream 5 contains 5% of Benzoyl Peroxide and 0.5%potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate. You can apply this on your face 2-3 times daily.

Panoxyl Cream is a water-based gel also containing 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. It is good for treating vulgaris acne. The lowest strength gel that contains only 2.2% of the active ingredient is the Panoxyl Aquagel. It doesn't have any fragrance smell and medicated smell. This is good for those who are sensitive to alcohol-based products. It will give you the results you wanted in just 2 weeks.

Quinoderm FaceWash has a light fragrance, containing 0.15% chlorhexidne gluconate and 1.5% cetrimide. It can be a soap substitute that you can use twice daily. It also has anti-bacterial and cleansing agent that help you prevent acne.

Zyporex helps you to eliminate acne 80-90% within a week. It may be expensive but, they say it is very effective. The company who is selling this product guaranteed a money-back if it does not work on you.

Acneticin is an internal supplement. It targets acne far beneath your skin. It could be an alternative for topical acne treatment products. However, it may take a long time before you can see visible results.

What you choose between these products is all up to you. They are all safe to use and have anti-bacterial agent. Using them depends on your skin type. So, be very careful, make sure to ask a doctor before using any of them.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

How to Pop the Pimple

Acne is a nightmare situation for those who suffer from daily breakouts. But it can be handled very effectively. Do you suffer from the situations when your pimples are ready and begging to be popped but you have to try your best to stop yourself from touching them? Yes now you can do it, you just need to have the right information.

An advice which we always used to have from our ancestors is that we should not pop our pimple and let it run its course. But practically it is not possible to go to the college, or to the office or to meet the boyfriend carrying a bulging white zit for the whole world to see. Another important thing is that if done in a right way popping a pimple helps the pimple to heal at a faster rate. But we have to use this idea only for the pimples which are absolutely ready and begging for being popped-all the way at the surface and white. The perfect time for doing this is after a shower when the skin is soft.

Just follow these steps: -

1. You have to disinfect a sharp sewing needle with the help of alcohol.
2. Softly prick the surface of the pimple.
3. Wrap both of your index fingers with the help of tissues.
4. Squeeze it from the sides using a down and in motion. Do this with a soft but a confident touch. It will pop up if it is ready, if it is not, leave it right then and there. You have to stop the process on seeing a drop of blood or a drop of clear fluid.
5. If you go on doing the hard work with the pimple which is not ready it will leave a scar. Better walk away from the mirror.

By simply following the above mentioned steps you will pop your pimple without leaving a scar.

It is always better to leave the deep and painful pimples. Never try to pop these pimples. Instead, for a fantastic option for these types of lesions better visit - Acne Natural Remedies and Acne Treatment where you can find the wonderful remedies not only for these but for your subtle scars too.