Saturday, July 05, 2008

How to Pop the Pimple

Acne is a nightmare situation for those who suffer from daily breakouts. But it can be handled very effectively. Do you suffer from the situations when your pimples are ready and begging to be popped but you have to try your best to stop yourself from touching them? Yes now you can do it, you just need to have the right information.

An advice which we always used to have from our ancestors is that we should not pop our pimple and let it run its course. But practically it is not possible to go to the college, or to the office or to meet the boyfriend carrying a bulging white zit for the whole world to see. Another important thing is that if done in a right way popping a pimple helps the pimple to heal at a faster rate. But we have to use this idea only for the pimples which are absolutely ready and begging for being popped-all the way at the surface and white. The perfect time for doing this is after a shower when the skin is soft.

Just follow these steps: -

1. You have to disinfect a sharp sewing needle with the help of alcohol.
2. Softly prick the surface of the pimple.
3. Wrap both of your index fingers with the help of tissues.
4. Squeeze it from the sides using a down and in motion. Do this with a soft but a confident touch. It will pop up if it is ready, if it is not, leave it right then and there. You have to stop the process on seeing a drop of blood or a drop of clear fluid.
5. If you go on doing the hard work with the pimple which is not ready it will leave a scar. Better walk away from the mirror.

By simply following the above mentioned steps you will pop your pimple without leaving a scar.

It is always better to leave the deep and painful pimples. Never try to pop these pimples. Instead, for a fantastic option for these types of lesions better visit - Acne Natural Remedies and Acne Treatment where you can find the wonderful remedies not only for these but for your subtle scars too.

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