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Home Remedies Of Stopping Acne - Best Tips For Acne Home Remedies

Acne is a universal problem for teenagers. What causes it and how to cure it is still an unanswered question. Acne affected youth go from pole to post looking for all kinds of remedies to clear their complexions. Of all possible home remedies, many are not proven remedies for all skin types.

The cosmetics industry today frequently introduces new creams and lotions as they try to cash in on the acne problem. But the best remedies devoid of any side effects are only found through home remedies. By using natural ingredients, acne can be treated effectively. Apart from diminishing facial beauty, acne poses a major emotional and mental threat to teenagers. The more they fight with problem, the more the acne increases and makes them lose their self confidence.

Let us first consider what creates acne and the biological and scientific reasons behind it. A philosebaceous unit disorder causes acne. This unit is made up of sebaceous gland, hair follicle and a hair. It is present all over the body but occurs more on the face, chest and neck. The sebum, which works as the moisturizer for the skin, is produced by the sebaceous gland. Under the influence of androgen, these glands produce more sebum during adolescence.

Bacteria called propionibacterium acnes feeds on these sebum and people who have acne have this bacteria in their follicles. Keeping the skin well cleansed and moisturized can minimize bacterial growth and permit a clear complexion free of acne. Some common home remedies for stopping acne include:

• Healthy diet filled with adequate vitamins and minerals

• Drinking lots of water in order to cleanse the digestive system which is another contributor to the development of acne

• Orange peels, garlic and lemon juice are proven home remedies for stopping acne

• Aloe Vera plays a major role for treating acne. It can be used as both internal medicine and for external applications

• Tea tree oil has the capacity to fight bacteria and hence is an effective acne remedy

• Paste of fenugreek leaves is also a good home remedy to stop acne

• Oatmeal, avocados, lettuce, apple cedar juice, carrot juice etc are all natural remedies for acne.

Many diet plans and fasting are recommended by naturopathic practitioners. Acne is generally associated with the changing food habits of youth. Too much fatty and oily intake causes acne. Thus, abstaining from such food and eating healthy wholesome meals and drinking lots of water can contribute to acne free skin. However, very acute acne must be treated by a dermatologist although home remedies can also be given side-by-side. Acne is a treatable disorder and young people need not panic or stress over this problem. Anxiety will only increase the disorder. A patient and cool attitude can help one over a temporary acne attack. Eat healthy, sleep at least 6-8 hours each day and drink lots of water to keep acne at bay.

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Solutions for Acne

Let's face it, we are all judged everyday on our appearance. It is a fact of life. If you are dealing with acne, you know the insecurities that come with it. Even when you look your best, you don't feel 100%. There is that little annoying voice in the back of your head telling you that people are staring at your acne. That insecurity can stop you from going places, meeting people, living life! There is a solution to this problem!

You just have to find the solution that best fits you. There are many items that you have in your house right now that can help acne. Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Baking Soda are just a few examples of things you have on hand that might help your acne. There are many natural remedies to try. There are also many ways Doctors can help with medication or if that does not work, laser treatment can be very effective. There are ways to stop acne before it even begins. Did you know drinking 8 ounces of water a day actually helps your skin?

Each person is different so something that worked for one person may not help the other person. The key is to not give up hope. There is a solution for you! If something does not work, move on to the next treatment. You can show the world the beautiful person that is under that acne, all you have to do is show a little effort and try.

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Acne Scarring

Acne is a condition that is common and can affect people from their teens throughout adulthood. Acne can lead to severe scarring for reasons that are not fully understood. The severity of scarring is different with each person, sometimes leading to disfiguring and permanent scars. The term "scarring" refers to permanent texture changes in the skin due to damaged collagen from inflammation. Scars are formed at the location of an injury to tissue, which is caused by the bodies inflammatory response to sebum, dead cells and bacteria in the plugged sebaceous follicle.

Some people are more susceptible to acne scarring, suffering from severe inflammatory acne, occurring deep within the skin, or even from more superficial inflamed lesions. Acne scarring is also described by several patients as a discoloration of their skin, even months after the acne lesion has healed.

The life history of acne scarring is not well understood. Some people obtain scars that stay with them for a lifetime with little to no change, whereas others are able to see a degree of remodeling as the acne scars reduce in size over time. Acne scarring can be devastating for people who suffer from it, which can lead to immediate treatment to remove or diminish the scarring effects. It is hard to gauge how extensive and deep the scars will be, or what is the best method to prevent and treat acne scarring before it happens.

There are several different types of acne scarring including; ice pick scarring, atrophic scarring and hypertrophic scarring. Ice pick scars are usually small deep pitted scars with steep jagged edges. Atrophic scars are smaller and soft, and over time change color and reduce in size. Hypertrophic scars are thick and lumpy and sit above the surface of the skin, much more common on the back and chest.

Acne scarring can be treated early in its course, by reducing the amount of inflammation in order to prevent permanent damage. Since the severity of scarring is different with each person, any person who tends to scar easy should be under the care of a dermatologist. is a leading provider of acne scarring information and resources. Find a local skin care professional today.

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Acne Treatment for Men

When I used to work as a sales associate for a lousy phone company I was always embarrassed to give out a sales pitch because of my horrible skin. It was everything that bad skin was. My skin was too oily. When I would try to prevent it from becoming to oily it then became to dry and my skin started to peal and then creating even more pimples and blemishes. I could not even get at least one sale in one day or two days. I was frustrated with my skin and I felt like ripping it off. Until i found the best acne treatment for men.

So, then I started looking in the internet for acne treatment for men. I was then came upon a remedy that changed my life forever. The remedy was simple did not take that much time or money. Let me remind you that I have tried Proactive, Murad, Acne Free, Clearsil, Neutragena, and everything else that promises you clear skin. The remedy included Baking Soda, and a hot rag or towel. I would then start off with the baking soda. I would make the baking soda into a paste by mixing it with a little bit of water. The remedy said to apply to affected areas. My whole face was affected so I just had to apply the paste to my whole face. Every night I would apply this paste. The paste drys your pimples out leaving them to look and feel like frozen little mountains. Don't worry they will only look like this with the paste on. So every morning I would wash off the paste because it drys up into sort of like a facial mask. Once I wash my face it feels refreshing and almost all pimples are washed off along with baking soda.

I would then cover my face with a hot cloth. This hot cloth will open my pores, which some people think its a bad thing but it will allow for the dirt in my pores to wash away. I would do this about everyday or every other day. On the 2nd week my skin was completed clear. I did not have to use lotion on my face anymore, I did not have to go through a 30 min 3 step process to wash my face. By far this was an amazing acne treatment for men. I just followed those instructions on the remedy and had clear skin within 2 weeks. For me this was the best acne treatment for men. I think everyone should know this method it can work for anybody. Thanks to this remedy I now have clear skin.

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Top Acne Treatment Tips On Clearing Acne The Natural Way

Acne is a very common problem so many people all over the world. It does not matter what age or gender you are. Acne can indeed be a problem for just about anyone. What's worse about acne is that the condition comes and goes, especially if it is not properly treated the first time around. Thus, it is very important to find a very effective way to thoroughly deal with acne right away. There are many medications and creams that you can use when dealing with acne. However, the natural method is much safer to use for this condition. Here are some top acne treatment tips on how to clear up acne the natural way.

The most important thing to remember is to wash your face every single day. Your face accumulates dirt, dust, and oil all throughout the day, so you really do have to wash it. Use warm water because this actually helps in the unclogging of your pores. Yes, cool water might have a more soothing effect on your face, but warm water is more beneficial to use. Just splash warm water all over your face, and use a cleanser or facial wash. Make sure your facial wash or cleanser is as mild as it should be.

It also helps to do exfoliating. When you have acne, be sure to exfoliate once a week. This process actually allows you to get rid of dead skin cells. What's more, the process encourages your proper skin cell turnover which gives you skin that visibly looks younger. When you take time to exfoliate, you just might have clearer complexion in a short period of time.

Using a mask or toner also helps a lot. Toners can actually help you get rid of leftover dirt on your face. You may think you no longer need to use a mask or toner because you have already washed your face with warm water and facial wash thoroughly. Still, there would be a bit of leftover dirt on your face. You can see for yourself when you apply a mask or toner onto your face. This process also helps in cleansing your facial pores.

Implementing necessary dietary changes can also help greatly. You should try to eliminate spicy and oily foods as much as possible. In their place, you should consume more foods that contain essential fatty acids, like Omega-3. Fruits and vegetables should also be part of your daily diet. You can also increase your intake of zinc and other vitamins and minerals. You can also look up on acne treatment reviews to find suitable acne skin care. These are just some of the ways you need to know on how to clear up acne the natural way. You can consult your physician or dermatologist for more details.

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Do You Have Acne? Here Are Some Of The Most Mind Twisting Reasons Why You Have Acne

So have you been trying to scratch your brain trying to find why you have acne? Well you might be assuming till now but what you are about to discover would not only shock you it would also get you into the thinking mode where you would come to a rude awakening that if you have acne it's actually your fault and not someone else's fault. Read on to discover the major mind twisting reasons why you have acne...

It's your hormones- Well this is something you can not control and when your hormones start changing there are chances that you might get acne and in some cases it can be real bad.

It's your habits- So here is the major reason why most people get acne. It's the lousy habits most people tend to have where they are just too lazy to take care of themselves and their face and often end up eating all the wrong type of foods and lack of personal hygiene.

How many times do you wash your face? - How many times did you used to wash your face before you got acne? You see most people don't even care about their skin until acne appears and than they beat themselves thinking why didn't they take care of their skin in the past.

When was the last time you exercised? - This is another major reason why some people get acne. You see exercising keeps you healthy and maintains a healthy blood flow throughout your body which prevents acne from taking place.

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Acne Solutions - 10 Tips for Fighting Acne - the Natural Way

The Problem of Acne

80% of the US population has had acne at some point in their lives and for many people it is a real problem. Not only can it be painful but it can cause a loss of self esteem. After all it is pretty disgusting to look at and it feels even worse.

Do you look at the mirror in the morning dreading what you are going to see? Although it affects a very large proportion of teenagers it can also affect adults, sometimes for decades. So whether you are a teenager, in early middle-age, or a worried parent, if you are reading this then you are probably looking for a solution to your acne problem.

The Solution for Acne - Medical Treatment or Natural Treatment?

Your first reaction to an outbreak might be to buy some over-the-counter anti-acne cream, or prescription drug to get rid of the acne. These might work in the short term but the chances are that the acne will come back. The hassles of acne can be dealt with through more natural means, home remedies for acne which can deal both with outbreaks but also help prevent it coming back again.

Acne is not something which just happens to you. It does not come from outside. It comes from within yourself. You can start dealing with it, using natural remedies for acne, by following some simple rules:

  • Drink lots of water. The most important thing of all in the battle against acne. At least 10 glasses a day. Water ensure yours body is hydrated, helps get rid of toxins and helps to clear clogged pores.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise increases your metabolic rate, which will help you lose weight, make you want to drink more water, and will improve the blood and oxygen circulation to the skin which will help fight acne.
  • Wash thoroughly at least twice a day, especially after doing exercise. Clean off any cosmetics at night.
  • Reduce your consumption of caffeine. Are you a six cups a day person? Caffeine increases stress hormones in the body which may increase the production of oil on the skin, leading to acne outbreaks.
  • Reduce your consumption of processed sugars, saturated fats, high fat dairy products, and hydrogenised fats like margarine. Studies show that eating these types of products hugely increases the chances of acne.
  • Avoid fast foods like pizzas, kebabs, French fries or burgers. You will get a load of harmful toxins from the oils which are constantly reheated to cook fast foods.
  • Cut down on alcohol. Quite apart from encouraging toxins in the body, and damaging your liver, alcohol dehydrates you.
  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. A great investment is a good quality juicer in which you can juice all types of fruits and vegetable such as apples, carrots, pears, pineapples, grapefruit or beets. A good variety of these in a tasty juice will give you a multitude of the nutrients your need.
  • Eat products with omega-3 fats in them or find the right omega-3 supplements. Good sources of omega-3 are salmon and trout.
  • Do not pick at your spots. Popping a single pimple can cause many more and may lead to permanent scarring.

If your acne outbreak is severe or persistent it may not just be a question of reducing your consumption of some of these harmful foods and drink but avoiding them altogether.

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Homemade And Natural Alternatives To Laser Acne Treatment

Laser treatment is an acne solution that has received a large amount of attention recently due to its relatively high rate of success and low incidence of side effects. However, it is also an extremely expensive way of combating acne and is usually not available in the public health care sector or covered by private medical insurance. For those who do have the money to afford laser acne treatment by all means go ahead, but the purpose of this article is to demonstrate affordable, equally effective ways of removing acne using a variety of homemade and natural techniques.

Water is easily one of the best ways to combat acne and makes a great alternative to laser treatment. By increasing your daily intake of water you will help to keep the skin well moisturized, supple and healthy, increasing its ability to control acne "from the inside". We've all heard the idea that eight glasses of water should be consumed a day to keep the body in a state of optimum health. However, I personally believe that 16 glasses a day is more beneficial. 16 glasses works out to be around 2 liters of water which should be spaced out throughout the day. If you are not used to consuming large amounts of water then you should gradually increase your intake by around 500 milliliters a day every two weeks until you reach the 2 liter a day mark. Because tap water can contain a number of impurities and because buying large quantities of bottled water is expensive, the best option is to purchase a water filtration system. These can be bought for a reasonable price from most home appliance stores (as well as online) and are generally highly effective.

Carrot juice is another effective alternative to the laser treatment of acne. Because carrots contain high quantities of nutrients essential for healthy skin functioning such as Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A, they are a "superfood" for the skin. To prepare a single serve of carrot juice take four medium sized, fresh carrots. Peel them and remove the tops. Using a home juicing machine juice the carrots and chill as desired. A small amount of carrot juice every day will have a massive impact on acne and is just as effective as laser acne treatment, not to mention cheaper! Please remember that too much Beta-Carotene can cause the skin to develop a slight orange hue. If this occurs only consume carrot juice once every two days.

After reading this article and putting the two methods I described here to work, I hope you will be able to realize that there are effective, homemade and natural alternatives to laster acne treatment that won't break the bank.

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Finally - A Natural Acne Cure That Works!

Each year millions of people use various acne treatments in the hopes that they can say goodbye to pimples once and for all. Unfortunately the majority of these products don't work leaving many people feeling helpless. However, it isn't hard to find a natural acne cure that actually works once you know what to look for.

We thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick guide about a proven way to get rid of acne.

First off, there's a good reason why most of the creams, gels and lotions you find in the drugstores fail to clear your skin: They don't actually treat the factors that cause acne.

Most treatments simply try to "zap zits" when they are already on your skin instead of treating acne at the root of the problem. They don't actually work to prevent new breakouts. However there's no point in getting rid of one pimple when you know another one is just around the corner.

The only way to cure your acne is to treat all of the factors that cause pimples. It seems obvious, yet so many treatments ignore this rule.

Let's quickly look at what causes zits:

1) Acne-causing bacteria

2) Excess oil on the skin

3) Clogged skin pores

4) Inflammation of the skin

The above causes are the main reasons why you get pimples. To get the clear skin you want, you need to use a natural acne cure that addresses all of these problems.

Obviously this is going to take more than just dabbing a little cream on your skin once a day. You need to look for a "system" that attacks acne from all angles and treats your skin at the heart of the problem.

Once you find a treatment that touches on all of the above causes, you will start seeing results within just a few days. You can read reviews on some of the top-ranked treatments by following the link at the bottom of this article to get an idea of what to look for. You will notice that they all treat the major causes of acne in order to treat your skin.

One of the most common things we hear from people is that they have given up on clearing their skin. Most people have tried several different acne products without any luck - however you will cure your acne if you treat it properly.

Don't be discouraged if you have tried various treatments that didn't work in the past. As disheartening as it may be, be confident that you can get the clear skin you truly want if you take the right steps.

It's impressive to see how confident someone becomes when they find a natural acne cure that works. Acne can be a frustrating and embarrassing condition, however you can "win the battle" once you start treating all of the factors that cause pimples. All the best!

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Acne Herbal Medication Treatments Can Work

Acne can be the bane of a teenagers existence and even an adults. Unfortunately, treating acne is not always easy. Since this condition doesn't really have a 100 percent agreed upon cause or any single cure, most people with acne find themselves hunting and pecking for the right solution for their particular case. Many people find exactly what they are looking for in acne herbal medication.

Whether it comes in pure natural form - dried or fresh herbs, fruits or other plants - or it is prepackaged as a supplement, acne herbal medication has shown its value to many sufferers of this often annoying and quite embarrassing condition. Although acne herbal medication won't necessarily work on every case, it has its share of followers who have seen excellent results.

Anyone looking for acne herbal medication will find there are a host of different products available. There are also tons of suggestions on what plants and herbs to seek out for self-treatment. Some of the top acne herbal medication ingredients for self-help use include:

• Basil. This is considered an effective treatment for acne by many. In fact, many believe bathing in mud that once helped grow basil can make many skin conditions go away.
• Aloe vera. Gel made from the inside of this plants leaves is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne.
• Lavender. Compresses made with lavender are said to assist in removing inflammation from acne.
• Diluted tea tree oil. With strong antiseptic properties, many use this natural ingredient to ward off skin infections that can come with acne.
• Golden seal. This is used to help slow or stop the oozing that can happen with whiteheads.
• Walnut leaf. Astringents made from this are used by many to clean the skin.
• Rosewater. This can help relieve some of the pain of acne and also reduce inflammation.
• Citrus fruits. Many people use orange and lemon juice to cleanse the skin.
• Strawberries. Applying these berries to acne prone skin is said to help lessen the severity of outbreaks.

Acne can be a rather fickle condition. When one product or herb works for one person, it might not for another. Considering this, it can be a trial and error process to hit on what works in a personal case of acne. If acne is particular severe or scarring is present or feared, sometimes medical advice is called for. There are, however, literally dozens of acne herbal medication products available people can try and a host of natural remedies that can be made at home. Many people find these provide the perfect solution to this most troublesome of skin conditions.

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Acne & Wrinkles at My Age?

Puberty brought bouts of acne. In your 20s, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right was of chief consequence. When the 30s hit, you worked to raise little Johnnie or Suzie to be a model kid. Now that your hitting the fabulous 40s, you should be coasting through life, right. Well, why are you suddenly dealing with the cosmetic double whammy of acne and wrinkles? Even your insurance company figures that you should have gotten rid of acne by the age of 25.

The number people over 30 needing acne treatments has climbed to the extent that a report published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology recommends raising the age for insurance coverage of the acne drug tretinoin to at least 40. The authors of the report, Drs. Steven Feldman and Alan Fleischer, add that many insurance companies refuse to pay for tretinoin prescriptions for patients older than 25.

Cosmetic Catch 22 Even if your insurance company leaves you to fend for yourself, you still have options for freeing yourself from acne and wrinkles. At first, coping with acne and wrinkles may seem like a cosmetic catch 22. Do you dry your skin with acne cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, and worsen your wrinkles? Or, do you smear on the moisturizer to smooth the wrinkles, but cope with the zits brought on by the extra oil or sensitivity to a new product?

There’s a smarter way to handle acne and wrinkles.

1. Interpret the acne

2. Allow your skin to improve as you use self-awareness to remove zits.

Interpret the acne

While dealing with acne and wrinkles, target the acne first because acne is an autoimmune disease. Having an autoimmune disease means that your thoughts, emotions, and/or environment are affecting you in an adverse way and require immediate attention. Thus, acne may reveal that you need to relax more, change your eating habits, reframe your interpersonal dialogue, stop dating that jerk from the office and/or make another beneficial alteration to your lifestyle.

Zits arrive on your face to report on some unpleasant activities within your body and life. Once you get feedback from these zits, you can take action to send the zits away while augmenting your health in the process.

Acne is usually an indication various hidden or overlooked health problems. Here’s a sample of the questions you should ask yourself when dealing with acne so that you can unravel the mystery behind your zits. Are you:


About 70% of your immune system is located in your intestines. If this area is blocked with waste, your immuno-defenses are down. So, instead of waste leaving your body via the rectum, it chooses to leave through the skin. Waste leaving the skin can cause an infection that presents itself as acne.


Tension likewise reduces the vigor of the immune system. Take a few deep breaths throughout the day to calm your body. Take a long walk in the fresh air to wind down.

Eating nutritionally?

Cases of acne have been improved with consuming foods containing zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamin A and a host of other nutrients. All of these vital nutrients are available in leafy green vegetables, fruits and olive oil.

Worried about unresolved issues?

Not resolving personal issues creates conflict and tension in the body. Again, these issues most be addressed to avoid undue stress within the body.

Exercising daily?

Exercise reduces stress and gives you an opportunity to subconsciously contemplate challenges that you may be facing. Physical activity also keeps your muscles and intestines toned, which keeps encourages regularity.

Changing pillowcase frequently?

Using a dirty pillowcase aggravates an acne condition. Your face naturally secretes oils during the night. These oils are sticky. So if you pillowcase if dirty, you are allowing your face to collect extra waste during the night, which could further clog your pores.

Moving or changing your job/career?

New demands or feelings of lose can sometimes accompany change. Transfer these emotions into something constructive by writing in a journal or envisioning how these changes are going to benefit you. Find comfort in these changes and opportunities for new beginnings.

Experiencing excessive facial hair growth and erratic periods?

Conditions such as acne, excessive facial hair, and erratic periods could indicate an androgen disorder or other underlying hormonal imbalances. Your doctor can provide you with a series of endocrine tests to ascertain your hormone levels and what corrective actions you should take. Ricardo Azziz, M.D, who serves as Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Director of the Center for Androgen-Related Disorders at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, estimates that 80 percent of women with excessive androgen levels suffer from an endocrine disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Dr. Azziz adds that women with PCOS often have insulin resistance and are at increased risk for developing Type II diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Once the acne is under control you can move on to the wrinkles. Another reason for treating the zits first is because if you alter your lifestyle in such as way as to free yourself from acne, and you doing this in a healthy and patient fashion, you will actually lessen the number of wrinkles you have.

Health is wholeness and beauty is a reflection of robust health. You’ll never buy robust health in a jar. It is a mind, body, spirit and environmental support system that garners full-bodied health. Lets look at want you actually need from a “beauty cream”.

Face Cream Education There are five basic ingredients in any given anti-aging or anti-wrinkling cream.

1. The oil or moisturizer

2. The preservatives to keep the cream from spoiling.

3. A scent or flavor

4. A color

5. The active ingredient.

Only one of these components is essential, the oil. The preservative is only needed to keep the cream useful. Your face does not need preservation because the skin is alive. Since some people have allergies to scents and colors in cosmetics, the body says that these two ingredients are not necessary. The active ingredient is usually the latest cosmetic drug or multivitamin that is supposed to lift or dramatically reverse your age by 5-20 years.

Researchers S. Jay Olshansky, Leonard Hayflick and Bruce A. Carnes bluntly comment on the antics of cosmetic companies in their report No Truth to the Fountain of Youth, published in the June 2002 edition of Scientific American. The authors warn everyone aiming to reverse the signs of times on their face that, “… anyone purporting to offer an anti-aging product today is either mistaken or lying”.

I bet you are thinking, “Won’t that oil make acne worse?” The answer is not if you are using the right oil. Some essential oils such as bergamont, lavender, lemon, neroli, sandalwood, tea tree and ylang ylang have cleansing and antibacterial properties which help combat acne infections. Other essential oil like geranium, clary sage and orange regulate the production of oil on the face. When mixed with a carrier oil such as jojoba or camellia, these essential oils are ideal moisturizers.

Nothing that you put on your face will truly change your appearance. Creams are useful, but they are only one instrument in an orchestra of anti-aging concerts. Health starts on the inside. If you want to improve your beauty start with how you treat yourself and feed yourself. I mean not only what foods you eat but what thoughts you eat.

You may eat thoughts of the sort, “I can’t…”, “I had a stressful day”, “I’m tired of…”, “I can’t wait until…”, “I’m getting old”, “My body isn’t as healthy as it used to be”. The menu is endless. If you want to look young and healthy, you have to think young and healthy thoughts. Here’s steps to jumpstart your quest:

Start by changing your thinking. Develop your own youth model, i.e. with steps you’ll take to maintain your vitality and stick to it.

Enjoy nutritious foods. A study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition found that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and using olive oil every day could help keep wrinkles away. The researchers found that people who ate a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, beans, olive oil, nuts and multigrain breads, while avoiding butter, red meat and sugary goodies, were less predisposed to wrinkling. Researchers believe that antioxidant vitamins, such as A, C and E, which are found in fruits and vegetables, may help protect the skin from environmental damage.

Use a gentle cleanser each day.

Steam your face everyday for 5-15 minutes, especially if your have acne. The steam removes waxy build-up on the skin while it stimulates circulation. This combo of benefits cleans to pores to reduce the possibility of acne while firming up the skin and facial muscles.

Exfoliate your skin daily.

Moisturize your face in the morning and evening with natural oils. In addition to the acne fighting oils listed above, you can mix essential oils such as frankinsense, myrrh, neroli and rose to help encourage the growth of new skin cells. You can create a moisturizer by diluting 1-3 of your favorite essential oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba or camellia oil in a ration of 1 part essential oil to 3 parts carrier oil.

Massage your face daily when you apply your facial oil.

Lie down on an incline bench for 5-20 minutes each day to let the blood flow to your head.

Wear a sunhat in the sun.

Give yourself a light skin peel once a month.

Finally, forty can still be fabulous and your beauty-plan a lot less enigmatic. Just remember the basics, interpret the messages of your zits, and educate yourself about wrinkle creams- you don’t need them.

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Can Dermabrasion Help Get Rid Of Acne Scarring?

Although many people think acne is a condition that affects people whilst they're young then disappears after the mid twenties, for some, acne can be a lifelong problem. Although the lesions may disappear over time, a number of acne suffers are then left with scarring and dis-figuration to the skin resulting from unwanted build ups of collagen and irreversible damage to the skin cells. Acne scarring can be treated however, and one way of doing so is by the use of dermabrasion.

Dermabrasion is the removal of part of the top layer of skin including dead skin cells, excess oils and other buildups. Because it removes all these impurities and reveals the newer skin beneath, with regular dermabrasion it is possible to give yourself a healthier looking complexion. Acne scarring caused due to the buildup of collagen fibers can also be reduced by proper dermabrasion. A good way to think of the process is that dermabrasion is similar to the way in which a bulldozer is able to level off dirt by removing the top layer.

To make an effective dermabrasion solution at home take a mild, creamy cleanser and decant a small amount (around a 3/4 of a handful) into a bowl. Add around 1 1/2 dessert spoonfuls of sugar crystals into the cleanser and then mix. Wet the face with lukewarm water and then apply a liberal amount of the solution onto the skin. Gently massage it into the skin in a circular motion being careful not to scrub to hard. Once this is complete, wash the solution off with lukewarm water.

Dermabrasion should be performed twice a week unless irritation occurs (in which case it should only be performed once a week) Please note that it may take a number of months before clear reductions in acne scarring become visible. However, an improvement in overall complexion should be noticed fairly quickly. Dermabrasion should never be performed if there are active acne lesions visible on the skin as it will serve only to worsen the problem.

By using the power of dermabrasion it is possible to improve the skin's complexion and reduce the visibility of acne scarring. Although care needs to be taken, if performed correctly it can be extremely effective. By making your own dermabrasion solution from sugar crystals and cleanser it is also possible to save a reasonable sum of money due to the fact that other treatments can be quite expensive.

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