Thursday, February 07, 2008

Acne Herbal Medication Treatments Can Work

Acne can be the bane of a teenagers existence and even an adults. Unfortunately, treating acne is not always easy. Since this condition doesn't really have a 100 percent agreed upon cause or any single cure, most people with acne find themselves hunting and pecking for the right solution for their particular case. Many people find exactly what they are looking for in acne herbal medication.

Whether it comes in pure natural form - dried or fresh herbs, fruits or other plants - or it is prepackaged as a supplement, acne herbal medication has shown its value to many sufferers of this often annoying and quite embarrassing condition. Although acne herbal medication won't necessarily work on every case, it has its share of followers who have seen excellent results.

Anyone looking for acne herbal medication will find there are a host of different products available. There are also tons of suggestions on what plants and herbs to seek out for self-treatment. Some of the top acne herbal medication ingredients for self-help use include:

• Basil. This is considered an effective treatment for acne by many. In fact, many believe bathing in mud that once helped grow basil can make many skin conditions go away.
• Aloe vera. Gel made from the inside of this plants leaves is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne.
• Lavender. Compresses made with lavender are said to assist in removing inflammation from acne.
• Diluted tea tree oil. With strong antiseptic properties, many use this natural ingredient to ward off skin infections that can come with acne.
• Golden seal. This is used to help slow or stop the oozing that can happen with whiteheads.
• Walnut leaf. Astringents made from this are used by many to clean the skin.
• Rosewater. This can help relieve some of the pain of acne and also reduce inflammation.
• Citrus fruits. Many people use orange and lemon juice to cleanse the skin.
• Strawberries. Applying these berries to acne prone skin is said to help lessen the severity of outbreaks.

Acne can be a rather fickle condition. When one product or herb works for one person, it might not for another. Considering this, it can be a trial and error process to hit on what works in a personal case of acne. If acne is particular severe or scarring is present or feared, sometimes medical advice is called for. There are, however, literally dozens of acne herbal medication products available people can try and a host of natural remedies that can be made at home. Many people find these provide the perfect solution to this most troublesome of skin conditions.

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