Friday, June 03, 2011

The Secret Of How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Having suffered from acne for many years and having tried many different acne treatments I found it a very frustrating condition. However after years of searching for an acne solution I did eventually learn what I needed to know in order to finally get rid of my acne forever.

I tried everything from going to my doctor and being prescribed antibiotics which worked for a short time, to more potent acne treatments including Accutane. Accutane worked for a few months but my acne came back worse than ever after this treatment.

After the many failed treatments I started to read up on natural acne cures. There is a lot of information about how to naturally cure acne that simply doesn't work and most home remedies are useless, such as putting toothpaste on your zits.

What does work however is treating the root cause of acne and so handling acne before it even appears on the skin. So what is this root cause? It is simply a hormonal imbalance. By balancing the hormones that specifically cause acne you can clear up your skin permanently and you can do so totally naturally.

So what causes imbalanced hormones? One factor that causes imbalanced hormones and therefore acne are certain foods. The worst of these foods is vegetable oil. There a few vegetable oils used as a food ingredient such as sunflower oil and these should be avoided. This one change dramatically cleared up the worst of my acne and I was delighted to never suffer again from the cystic acne I was getting. By avoiding vegetable oil you can get rid of the worst of your acne and this is just one of the things you can do to balance your hormones.

Vegetable oils like sunflower oil are commonly used as a cooking oil and you should avoid doing so and instead use butter as it doesn't cause hormonal imbalance like vegetable oils do. Another place these oils are found are junk foods like cookies and potato chips and for this reason you should check the ingredients label on the foods you buy to check there is no vegetable oil listed on them. Some pre-packaged meals also use vegetable oil. Again by checking the label you can easily avoid this ingredient.

Another way to balance your hormones is to avoid stress. It's important to combat stress using any of the common and effective stress reducing tactics. These include getting exercise, even if just a short walk everyday, playing sports, doing meditation or doing anything you find relaxing.everyday.

I've written just a couple of the ways to balance your hormones. There are many other ways to do so and by balancing your hormones you'll see a quick and permanent cure to your acne just like I did.

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