Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wake Up With Perfect Skin! The Overnight Acne Cure That Cleanses Your Skin to Freedom Instantly!

Acne can be cured overnight while you sleep. Eating the right kind of food and avoiding the wrong foods along with a few other applications help you heal your acne overnight.

1. Sleep is the best cure. Sleep is the best cure in itself. Sleep helps the body rest, thus enabling the skin to rest too and heal itself. Sometimes the physical and emotional stress and tension that one has gone through during the day gets relieved through sleep.

2. Drink sufficient water. It is best to start your day with at least two to three glasses of water. That helps flush out the toxins in the body and detoxify your system. Water is one of the best cleansers to depend on.

3. Correct your eating habit. Eat more of salads and fresh fruit. The more greens you eat the more hydrated your system remains and helps detoxify your body. Food is best eaten when simply cooked and easy to digest. Spices should be at a minimum.

4. Avoid processed foods. Strictly avoid processed foods as they contain additives and preservatives. These unbalance your system and cause the build up of toxins in the body.

5. Refrain from fried foods. Fried foods and foods with too much fat content are bad for the system. They help harbor toxins and cause candida to breed causing the eruption of acne on the face.

6. Curative applications. Strawberry leaves are known to be good applications on the acne. Tomato pulp or papaya juices too are good applications. Lemon juice mixed with rose water is a very soothing application. Tea tree oil mixed with some water makes a good application too.

7. Wash and keep face clean. Wash face and clean it when you have come from out side. Wipe your face dry taking care not to rub your towel over the face. If acne happens to be oozing take care to wipe off the ooze with fresh tissue and discard.

You can take care of the acne using these steps carefully.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Choose a Natural Treatment Or Alternative Therapies For an Acne Cure!

Acne, one of the most common skin disorders is a great cause of worry for millions of teenagers as well as adults. In order to get rid of it, most people rely on any treatment that comes their way. Half the job is done if you find the right acne treatment. The other half depends on factors such as diet, hygiene, personal care and the like.

Effective Natural Remedies For An Acne Free Skin

Natural treatment or alternative therapies are widely accepted methods to solve acne issues. Some of the popular natural care for acne includes washing the face daily twice with warm water, avoiding oily makeup items, drinking enough water, using natural astringents and other herbal remedies.

Herbal ingredients such as honey, cinnamon, lemon juice, orange peels and fresh mint juice can be used for treating pimples. The positive aspect of natural treatment is that it has no side effects and the treatment is also less expensive.

As honey has great antibacterial properties, applying a honey mask on the face heals small blemishes. However, you need to ensure that you do not rub your face roughly or wash your face frequently as this can worsen the pimple problem.

Alternative Remedies

For those who do not want to use topical creams or other drugs for acne, here are some alternative remedies:

Though many physicians do not see any relation between diet and acne, for an alternative medicine practitioner, this is of great importance. While sugary drinks and eatables increase the chance of acne, beta-carotene rich foods such as pumpkin, carrots, vegetables, oranges, and nuts help to fight this skin disorder.

Vitamin therapy is yet another effective way to keep pimples at bay. For a healthy skin, the body needs a number of vitamins. Though vitamins cannot cure pimples, it can definitely reduce inflammation and infection. Intake of Vitamin A is one of the best medicines for acne cure. It is found in fish oil and dairy products. This vitamin is also responsible for skin healing. Mineral zinc is also recommended for acne sufferers. Apart from helping the body to fight infection and inflammation, zinc helps in preventing scarring. Vitamin B found in eggs, nuts, leafy vegetables, fish, and whole grains can reduce stress, cholesterol levels, and inflammation. The vitamin E found in nuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils has many protective and healing properties.

Have you heard of aromatherapy for treating acne? Tea tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic agent, is the basis for it. You can directly apply the oil to the affected area or do a steam facial pouring some drops of tea tree oil in hot water.

Yoga can improve blood circulation, thereby reducing stress and boosting the healing property.

Natural treatment or alternative therapies also demand great commitment. You are advised to eat a balanced, nutrient rich diet and avoid processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, excess salt and foods rich in iodine. If you follow these natural ways, you can attain freedom from acne as well as from many other diseases.

As discussed, Acne Cures can branch out from Natural Acne Treatments to Alternative acne remedies. However, choosing a cure should always depend upon the intensity of your problem and the doctor's advise. To know more about acne related treatments visit Reduce Acne.