Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blackhead Removal Home Remedies And Tips

Blackheads can be a pain. Besides knocking your self-confidence down a peg or two, they're a pain to get rid of and are easy to notice in some cases. They're simply follicles that have opened too wide and full of sebum and dead cells before oxidizing and turning black. The primary cause of blackheads is oily skin, though other factors can increase the number that plague our skin. Here's some blackhead removal home remedies that have been reputed to have work for some people. While some may work for you and others don't, it's important you follow through in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Home Remedies

Some basic ingredients have helpful properties that you might like to know. Honey is a proven anti-bacterial, as is Green Tea. Green Tea is also a powerful anti-oxidant and helps with weight loss, which is why you can find it in many different sources. Some of the ingredients are also abrasive so they help remove dead skin cells and the tops of the blackheads. The ingredients applied afterwards kill the bacteria that might be lingering, then the wash clears it all away. Some of the methods may also involve hardening pastes, which solidifies and allows you pull the blackheads from their resting places.

A teaspoonful of groundnut oil and fresh lime juice applied to the face for between ten and fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water is a good prevention method. As far as removal of blackheads go, there are dozens of methods. One part Epsom salt to four parts iodine mixed in a bit of hot water then applied to the affected areas. Boiled milk mixed with fresh lime juice can also be used.

For a scrub, you could use salt, lemon and honey with optional yogurt. Apply to affected areas for five-ten minutes, then wash and pat dry. Green tea is also a good substitute. Pastes are also common, as it allows ingredients to be well-mixed and combine the advantages. Strange as it may seem, ground radish seed paste with a little water has also proven to be effective. Other such ingredients are fresh methi leaves; red sandal wood and turmeric mixed with milk; three parts honey to one part cinnamon powder; tender neem leaves and turmeric.

Hopefully one or more of these methods will work for you and you'll be able to achieve noticeable results within weeks, if not days. If you find they don't work, consider looking for more home remedies, as this is in no way an exhaustive list. Many of the ingredients can be found at home or the store.

You can find out more about how to get rid of blackheads and what other blackhead remover options are available to you.