Saturday, August 18, 2007

Does Accutane Acne Treatment Work

Ok what is accutane acne treatment and what is it all about well I will tell you. This is a drug that dermatologist give to patients as a last resort. It is basically an orally taken drug which acts similar to vitamin a in the body which is used for maintaining the immune system, vision and growth. Cure acne.

As you know my name is Arinze I will tell you my little diary of this drug and its effects I personally had myself.

March 2007
As with a lot of you my acne was very bad because Of this I was very unsociable I tried a couple of creams but nothing much happened all I had was a bad smell on my face.

March 15th 2007
After being depressed that none of the products worked I saw a dermatologist after I took the drug the doctor told me give it a couple of months and you should be fine.

June 28 2007
After taking the drug I noticed some side effects my skin was very dry, dryer than usual and I could not go down the pub to have a drink with my mates. I also saw my girlfriend less and less because I was so embarrassed what people would say and the reaction they would give to me.

July 18th 2007
My acne finally cleared up I could have a social life meet my friends become and see my girl a lot more.

August - October 2007
After having no acne effects for 1 month the next 3 months was a nightmare I could not go out with my friends. My girl broke up with me and the reason why was because the effects took a reverse turn I got acne ten times worse than before and because of this I got in a deep depression and became even more sociable than before. I am sorry to anyone taking this form of treatment. Please stay well clear unless you like the side effects of deep depression from taking this drug.

Since i did not get my answer from accutane acne treatment i did a search on the internet talk to people with similar situations to mine. I found that Please Click here for more free info.

Hello my name is Arinze I am very annoyed I just bought acne product to get rid of my really bad acne and all it has done is made my face smell bad. This is really annoying don�t you just hate when you ask for something and it you get something else. It would be nice if even 90% you get what you paid for. So from time to time I will give some reviews of products or companies I have dealt with in the past. Also I wont be biased I will tell straight how it is straight from the horses mouth. (Obviously not literally) Please Click here for more free info.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Acne - A Guide To Clear Skin

It is not just teenagers that suffer with acne. Many adults continue to get acne.

Usually, hormones are to blame, but there can be other factors present that can cause acne or make it worse than it needs to be.

Alcohol is one possible culprit. When the body cleanses itself of alcohol it sends it out through the pores of the skin which in turn can become clogged.

Caffeine increases the stress hormones produced by your body and this in turn can affect your acne. Remember that caffeine can also be found in some soft drinks and, in smaller amounts, in chocolate.

A small number of people may be sensitive to dairy products. You could try reducing your intake and see if it helps. Try to use low lactose products or natural yogurt that contains acidophilus. Fatty foods are difficult to digest and can cause eatra oil in the skin. Try to avoid red meat cuts that are fatty.

Acne on the forehead or hairline may be caused by sebum created in the scalp and moving to the forehead. This may be reduced by washing your hair more frequently or using a shampoo designed for oily hair as this can reduce the sebum in the scalp. Hair sprays and gels can also clog pores.

Hats and sweatbands accumulate dirt and bacteria and should be cleaned regularly or avoid wearing them where possible. Both also rub against your forehead causing irritation.

Washing your skin frequently and roughly can actually make your acne worse. Hard rubbing is not recommended, it irritates the skin. Gently wash your face once or twice a day with a mild soap like a glycerin or sorbitol based soap that addresses the ph balance of your skin. Always pat dry skin gently. Use a clean face cloth every time.

You need to be careful when using scrubs. They should not be used more than two or three times a week, or less, follow the directions on the product. Scrubs are good for blackheads but not so good if you have a severe breakout of whiteheads or have serious acne problems.

You hear so often that you should never pop pimples, this is partly because this leaves the way for bacteria to enter the skin. Squeezing ruptures the membranes causing infection and sebum to spread underneath the skin. It can also lead to scarring.

Stress. The theory with this one is that when you are under stress your body creates a number of different hormonal steroids, one of these is cortisol. Some of these hormones can affect the oil production of your body and this oil affects your skin.

As with many things in life, patience is needed when trying new acne treatments. From everything I have read, a reasonable amount of time to see if a product is working for you is eight weeks. It can take this long to really know if a product is being affective.

I started researching acne when my daughter, now a teenager, started breaking out. I have written a short book which you can download for free at my website