Monday, April 23, 2007

Acne Skin Care Before, During and After Acne Strikes

If you've never had acne before, you're luckier than I've been. My first bout erupted when I was a teenager. Thankfully, it was intermittent and never a real problem. If you're between bouts of it, there are steps you can take to help prevent it from recurring. If you're past the breakout, but have scarring or discoloration on your skin, you're in luck!

The best thing to do for acne is to prevent it before it ever occurs. A combination of diet, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise will go a long way towards prevention. In fact the fastest growing movement in acne prevention is the all-natural approach. The drug companies and sellers of topical treatments may not like it, but more and more people are taking action to keep their skin clear without taking medicine or applying creams, lotions or other "magic potions" to their skin.

If you're currently plagued by blemishes, don't poke at them. It's tempting to want to get rid of them as fast as possible, but you could do damage to your skin and make the breakout worse. Since acne is not caused by "dirty skin", more washing won't really help, either. Frequent washing, especially with soaps and chemicals, can irritate the skin. Go gently and be patient might be the best medicine you can apply to your face.

Chronic acne that simply won't go away, even if you've seen a dermatologist and/or other medical professional may not be hopeless. There are new ways of dealing with acne from the inside and outside that are natural, safe and have shown real results for people all over the world.

Acne scars, discoloration, pitting and rough skin can be effectively dealt with by skin care professionals using powerful technology and chemical treatments that actually remove the blemished skin. However, even if that's something you can afford, it may not be what you want to endure. Happily, there's a new way of dealing with scarring, wrinkles, burns and other skin problems that you can read about on my blog.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Eat Fruit To Cure Acne

Eat fruit to cure and prevent acne

Eating fruit is a very effective way to prevent or cure acne.
As you may know fruit is not only very tasty but also healthy.
The best fruit you can eat to prevent acne is fruit with an orange or red skin.
I think you now already that a balanced diet is very important when it comes to cure acne.
Below you can find seven kinds of fruit that are very effective.
And they have more benefits related to health than just preventing acne.


Eat at least two apples a day they are very effective to clean your skin.
Be sure that you can eat the skin of the apple because most pectin is in the skin it helps with constipation. If you don’t like apples you can make also a fruit juice from the apples but be sure that you mix the skin also. But even if you have already a perfect skin it’s a good idea to eat a few apples a day it reduces the risk of weight loss, hart diseases and it control cholesterol. Or haven’t you heard about the old proverb: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


A banana is a kind of a probiotic food – it contains live bacteria - just like onions and artichokes, oats and goat’s milk. Eating probiotic fruit helps you to feed the good bacteria. In stead of eating you can also take a supplement but I’m sure your prefer to eat a banana. But don’t eat to much bananas in fact one banana a day is already enough.


Grapefruit a sub-tropical citrus tree is a useful source of vitamin c. As you may know vitamin c is a very good vitamin when it comes to skin cleaning. You can also find vitamin c in oranges and in lemons. I have tested this out and they are also excellent to prevent acne.


Strawberries have strong anti acne-activity. Strawberry contains alpha-hydroxy acid it slough of dead skin cells. This way new youthful skin cells are revealed.


Personally cherries are my favourite fruit. Not only are they purifying the bleed but they also contain a lot of vitamins. Vitamin A, a proven vitamin to cure acne and vitamin C. Did you know that cherries are also helpful for a good night sleep.


Papaya native to the tropics of America is an effective ingredient when it comes to skin care. Eating papayas – which contains enzymes - is a good way to rejuvenating and repairing the skin.


This is the last sort of fruit that I will describe here. The most effective way to cure acne with lemons is not by drinking the juice, it’s very better, but to apply lemon juice on your acne spots.

Now you know seven fruit sorts that are effective to prevent or even cure acne. You don’t have any reason know to not try it out. And even if you don’t have acne it won’t hurt your body.

There is much more to say about acne and skin cleaning.
If you want to learn more about it visit my site
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