Friday, August 19, 2011

What Causes Clogged Pores on The Face?

When pores on your face become clogged there can be more than one reason why. As a result of which, there will almost always be an outbreak of acne. Firstly though, the mechanics behind your acne will have resulted from a particular substance known as sebum.

It is waxy and oily by nature and is made up of the body's lipids (fats). Sebum is created in the sebaceous gland, which in turn is an integral part of the pilosebaceous unit. This unit is home to not only the sebaceous gland but also it contains the hair and hair follicle. Your whole body (sparing the palms of your hands and soles of your feet) is covered in tiny hairs, the most dense area of course would be your scalp. The reason we have these tiny hair follicle factories all over our body is because sebum is crucial to the moisturizing of not only your hair but your skin also.

However, when too much sebum is created, it can for one reason or another, get stuck in your pores, this creates the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) environment for infection and inflammation, resulting in acne.

Teenagers are most at prey from acne, since their bodies produce far more sebum from enlarged sebaceous glands. This is why spots are more associated with the youth.

Most of the time, spots and acne will be a come and go affair, only a few pimples or whiteheads will make a short lived ugly appearance but unlucky individuals will suffer far more virulent forms of acne, ance conglobata or acne vulgaris to name two.

Causes of clogged pores on your face?

The places on your face that usually suffer the most will be the chin, the cheekbones and the forehead.

A typical reason an individual could be suffering from clogged pores on their face is from irregular or improper cleansing. You should be washing your face once in the morning and once before bed. Throughout the day, oily skin is a magnet for dust, dirt and grime. The stuff literally sticks to it from out of the atmosphere. By washing your face twice a day, you could be helping towards staving off spots.

A word of warning though, don't over wash, your skin will fight back if all the oil has been removed, it will create even more to compensate.

Cheap brand make up is another culprit, full of chemicals that can stick to your skin and sink into the pores, clogging them up and causing the right conditions for spots. Switch to water based make up where ever possible. Never ever go to bed at night without having first removed your make up.

Using a good quality skin exfoliate every few days and a good face mask once a week can help remove any build up of dead unmoved skin cells.

Lastly, before you start using any moisturizer, make sure you have picked one that is suited to your type of skin. There is a reason the manufacturers have a range of them. Everyone's skin is different and if you take the time to find out which one suits you, you could be saving yourself trouble in the long run.

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