Friday, February 29, 2008

Home Remedies Of Stopping Acne - Best Tips For Acne Home Remedies

Acne is a universal problem for teenagers. What causes it and how to cure it is still an unanswered question. Acne affected youth go from pole to post looking for all kinds of remedies to clear their complexions. Of all possible home remedies, many are not proven remedies for all skin types.

The cosmetics industry today frequently introduces new creams and lotions as they try to cash in on the acne problem. But the best remedies devoid of any side effects are only found through home remedies. By using natural ingredients, acne can be treated effectively. Apart from diminishing facial beauty, acne poses a major emotional and mental threat to teenagers. The more they fight with problem, the more the acne increases and makes them lose their self confidence.

Let us first consider what creates acne and the biological and scientific reasons behind it. A philosebaceous unit disorder causes acne. This unit is made up of sebaceous gland, hair follicle and a hair. It is present all over the body but occurs more on the face, chest and neck. The sebum, which works as the moisturizer for the skin, is produced by the sebaceous gland. Under the influence of androgen, these glands produce more sebum during adolescence.

Bacteria called propionibacterium acnes feeds on these sebum and people who have acne have this bacteria in their follicles. Keeping the skin well cleansed and moisturized can minimize bacterial growth and permit a clear complexion free of acne. Some common home remedies for stopping acne include:

• Healthy diet filled with adequate vitamins and minerals

• Drinking lots of water in order to cleanse the digestive system which is another contributor to the development of acne

• Orange peels, garlic and lemon juice are proven home remedies for stopping acne

• Aloe Vera plays a major role for treating acne. It can be used as both internal medicine and for external applications

• Tea tree oil has the capacity to fight bacteria and hence is an effective acne remedy

• Paste of fenugreek leaves is also a good home remedy to stop acne

• Oatmeal, avocados, lettuce, apple cedar juice, carrot juice etc are all natural remedies for acne.

Many diet plans and fasting are recommended by naturopathic practitioners. Acne is generally associated with the changing food habits of youth. Too much fatty and oily intake causes acne. Thus, abstaining from such food and eating healthy wholesome meals and drinking lots of water can contribute to acne free skin. However, very acute acne must be treated by a dermatologist although home remedies can also be given side-by-side. Acne is a treatable disorder and young people need not panic or stress over this problem. Anxiety will only increase the disorder. A patient and cool attitude can help one over a temporary acne attack. Eat healthy, sleep at least 6-8 hours each day and drink lots of water to keep acne at bay.

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