Saturday, September 08, 2007

Acne Treatments That Don't Work

The majority of acne products don't work. Every month, more and more companies decide selling acne products to acne sufferers is very profitable, so they quickly come up with a product, mix a few chemicals, add a little benzyl peroxide, and label the product as a guaranteed cure to acne.

It's true. Acne treatment companies are making a killing, selling us acne suffers promising products that don't work. More and more of these come up each day hoping to earn a shilling from the pot. Acne suffers are so vulnerable, because we are constantly desperately searching for the latest acne treatment products that work.

So, how do these companies do it? The most common approach is to take Proactive, remake their three-step treatment, and market it as a different brand and label the treatment as better than Proactive. We've all seen this common marketing scheme. Other companies come along, take a few two dollar vitamins here and there, place them into a bottle, and market the pills as kills acne inside out, and they sell it for forty dollars. These acne products have very low success rates and have come to dominate the acne treatment market. Affiliates are promoting these rip-off products hoping to earn a share from the million dollar pot and guess what? These affiliates never suffered from acne in their lifetime and they're recommending us acne treatments.

There are a few e-books (digital books emailed to you) out there today which also claim to cure acne. These authors claim that if you detoxicate your body for three days (or in essence, starve yourself for three days), you'll be completely acne free. All you need to do is to eat apples and drink many glasses of water everyday, and you'll be free of acne. This is a very promising statement, but in reality, starving yourself for three days doesn't equal becoming acne free. Your acne will probably slightly diminish, but it will come right back after you start eating again. Acne is somewhat related to diet, but to completely cure acne requires a consistent healthy diet kept over a period of a year. Definitely not three days.

Almost, not all, of the acne products claiming to treat your acne inside out naturally don't work. They send you a load of vitamins and foreign herbs which may smell nice, but they are just giving a placebo effect they make the skin healthy and soft, but do not treat acne. Their success rates are very low, and they treat only the mildest of mild acne situations if they actually work. It's obvious why these treatments do not work they are vitamins, not acne treatments.

An effective acne treatment is one that:

#1: Keeps pores clean clogged pores lead to acne

#2: Kills skin bacteria bacteria causes inflammation in acne, which leads to moderate/severe acne

#3: Solves the problem inside out no, it's definitely not vitamins and herbs

Thankfully, each year a decent acne treatment does get produced which involved years of research. Electronic acne treatments have taken a leap over acne creams and medications these devices took years of research to perfect. Zeno and blue light therapy (light bulb) are both highly researched devices that are commonly used to treat acne.

The main purpose of electronic devices out there today is to kill the bacteria that causes inflammation in acne. Bacteria often get trapped in the pore, which provides a favorable location for the bacteria to reproduce. This causes inflammation in the pimple. By killing off the bacteria, this prevents the acne from getting worse, allowing the pimple to quickly heal when the pore is clean again.

Why should you use electronic devices when acne creams do the same thing? Benzyl peroxide in acne treatments should kill bacteria, but after applying benzyl peroxide to the face for a few months, the bacteria that causes inflammation in acne start to resist it. By using blue light therapy or Zeno, you can provide an uninhabitable environment for the bacteria, specifically p.-acne, which kills 99.9% of the bacteria within a week. Benzyl peroxide's effectiveness is never this high.

There are a few topicals currently on the market that doesn't use benzyl peroxide to kill the acne causing bacteria. These products are more worthwhile to purchase, and if these acne treatments help treat your acne, they will work for much longer than any benzyl peroxide product out there.

Overall, you just shouldn't try out new acne treatments that nobody has used. There are no new miracle acne treatments being produced, so don't get your hopes up. Be sure to research the chemicals used in acne products, and make sure the chemicals in your acne treatments aren't skin irritants - these lead to further breakouts.

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