Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue Light for Acne

Using blue light for acne almost sounds like science fiction or some gimmick cooked up by snake-oil selling con artist.

Topicals such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic Acid or oral medications such as tetracycline or isotretinoin, are the types of treatments we are most familiar with.

However, there are several blue light lamps that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have cleared for the medical treatment of acne.

Blue light for acne treatment is now available in medical offices and spas. Some of these lamps don't require a medical doctor to operate. Technicians or other trained personnel perform the simple procedure.

For one such lamp, blue light treatment requires biweekly visits to a facility for four weeks if the acne problem is mild or moderate. Or up to six weeks if it's severe. Each session lasts twenty minutes.

For some procedures, the affected areas of the skin are prepared with a solution that makes it more sensitive to light. This is supposed to allow the blue light to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Several independent studies have demonstrated that blue light reduced mild to moderate acne in 6 out of 10 test subjects. There were no reported adverse effects.

One blue light lamp manufacturer conducted its own study, which provided before and after photos of acne sufferers between the ages of 15 to 36. You can see that their skin had improved after the treatment. However, severe cases may require additional treatments.

Blue light works faster and reduced more acne than the test subjects who used benzoyl peroxide. Blue light therapy takes only weeks to clear acne, while benzoyl peroxide could take several months.

What genius stumbled upon the idea of using blue light to treat acne? Who would have imagined that it clears up acne faster than topical or oral medications? If you want a safe and proven acne treatment, then consider the power of blue light for acne control.

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