Friday, June 15, 2007

Easy Acne Cure

In this article you will learn an easy acne cure you can rely on to give you a beautiful complexion everyday for the rest of your life. This cure is working for thousands of acne sufferers around the world and is taking the natural health community by storm...

Requiring no expensive cleansers or topicals endorsed by celebrities, requiring no fad diets or fasting on apples for three days, and requiring no other time wasting acne 'cure' advice that leaves you with an empty wallet and 2 months worth of acne 'trying it out'.

This easy acne cure works. And it works within 3-7 days. Before I go on I should add that although this method may seem 'too simple', it is worth trying just because the results are so good. Anyway, here it is...

Easy Acne Cure - Step 1: Avoid vegetable oil. It causes inflammation (a known acne trigger) on a hormonal level (hormones being the no.1 reason for acne!) Sunflower oil is the main culprit, and is found mainly in pasta sauces, pesto and as cooking oil. DO NOT eat these IF you want clear skin.

By simply avoiding vegetable oil you will see an amazing difference in your skin- I can guarantee this!

Easy Acne Cure - Step 2: Get more nutrients into the body. When the body has an inefficient amount of nutrients it will start to act strangely...and one way it acts strangely is by giving you acne! So get LOTS of nutrients into your body now and start seeing possibly the best acne clearing results you will ever see in light-speed time!

Easy Acne Cure - Step 3: Check for and kill any fungi or yeast infections. These are a major hidden cause of your acne and should be eliminated asap. When I got rid of my infection, wow, my skin really didn't go back to getting acne again.

So now you know what it takes to clear up your acne for good. No more cleansers or other expensive cures, just the beautiful complexion you deserve. This easy acne cure is all you need.

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