Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How to Clear Your Acne in 72 Hours?

There are many ways to try and clear your acne, and one of the most popular ways is "the 3 day acne cure"...

This involves going on a fasting diet such as the infamous 3 day apple diet. Fasting cleanses the body and rids it of toxins that can otherwise cause acne. So I agree with fasting to clear skin. In fact I have fasted many times to clear my own acne...

But the big problem with these fast cleanses is that they don't permanently cure acne. They are like a clear skin booster. Good for times when you need or want clear skin fast, but they produce short term results only.

As I said, I tried many of these fasts, usually for 3 days, and the results would only last a week or so, then the acne would come back.

I eventually got fed up with these fasts, and looked for more practical and permanent solutions.

And I did find something that works very well. By making simple changes to my diet I managed to get rid of my severe acne. One of the foods I started to avoid was vegetable oil. The reason this helps a lot of is because vegetable oil causes hormonal imbalance, and this results in acne...

I was eating vegetable oil everyday and without realizing, it was causing the worst of my acne. If you avoid vegetable oil you can clear up your skin DRAMATICALLY in a matter of days. For more information about clearing your acne visit my website now.

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