Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Posh Spice's Acne Battle

Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, has hit the headlines again by appearing naked on a Marc Jacobs t-shirt to raise awareness of skin cancer.

Posh decided to warn others about the dangers of sun-damaged skin since moving to a warmer climate. She said: "Since we moved to California I have realised how important it is to practise safe sun for myself and to keep my three boys' skin well protected as well. Skin cancer is a huge problem and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc's initiative."

However, her decision to participate in this campaign certainly doesn't mean that the former Spice Girl hasn't got skin problems of her own. Like a number of high-profile celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Victoria suffers from serious adult acne, and even the most expensive make-up artists struggle to mask her spotty skin.

Last October, Victoria was pictured by the paparazzi with an incredibly spotty forehead. Pictures of the former pop star's problem skin made the headlines and were printed in publications throughout the world. More recently, her spotty skin has flared up once again. Victoria blames the problem on stress, particularly due to the Spice Girl's recent reunion tour.

Ever since she was a teenager, Victoria claims to have been plagued by spots and pimples. Although she is older now, dermatologists still believe that her skin is in a bad way. Jane Lewis, a dermatological nurse, believes that Victoria is a serious sufferer of adult acne. After examining a picture of the star's skin, she said: "It's obvious that she suffers from acne. Although she has put makeup on over the top, you can clearly see the little bumps. There are no angry whiteheads or blackheads, so it's not an acute flare-up yet, but this may be the way her acne manifests itself before it comes out fully. (She has) what look like open spots on her forehead and around her eyes, but these are acne scars which inevitably develop over the years - even if you don't pick at them."

Acne scars can cause the sufferer distress, although they can be successfully be reduced with treatment. Laser treatment can also be used to successfully reduce skin inflammation caused by acne.


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Author: Nikki Rammer

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