Thursday, March 20, 2008

Acne Free - Finally! How I Failed My Way To Success In Clearing My Skin

Are you're sick and tired of bangin' your head against the wall trying to figure how to get clear skin... and how to keep it that way?

You've read or heard about others who got rid of their acne, yet it eludes YOU for some reason...

That's exactly what I went through back when I had acne from ages 15-19. Back then I experimented with every acne cream, lotion, and ointment available. I remember spending $60 for a special mask made out of cactus! But nothing seemed to work, or if it did work, it never lasted, and the acne always returned.

Most of the time I was angry and frustrated each time something I tried, failed. Well one day, something I tried out actually worked. And I kept building and adding on to it. Before I knew it, I had a series of steps that were foolproof.

I realized looking back that I hadn't really failed at all before - it was simply feedback - not failure. Somebody once said, "To be successful fast at something, double your failure rate."

And that's what I had been doing unconsciously for four years! So don't you even think about giving up!

In ONE weekend my whole life changed. I tried a radical (mostly raw) fruit and vegetable program I had read about, and the changes to my skin were astounding! I researched further and kept reformulating my diet until the acne stayed away for good.

Once I shared it with other acne sufferers on the internet, they experienced equally exciting results. And all it takes is ONE weekend to to turn your failure into success for achieving clearer skin.

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