Friday, January 18, 2008

Eating Your Acne Away - Yes You Read it Right!

The skin is the biggest organ the body has. It is the most important one because it covers and protects all the other organs and tissues. It is like a giant container holding all the important things together. It has a greater purpose in allowing the body to excrete waste products from the small openings called sebaceous glands. Acne is the irritation and infection of those glands. It is caused by a narrow passage at the top of the gland and blocks the natural excretion processes. The food that you put into your body is reflected in the condition of the skin. While foods will not cause the acne, it can be a major irritant in causing it to show up even more than before. The diet of the individual with this particular problem of the skin can change their way of eating to help with the severity of the flare ups.

The acne is seen in teens as the age of puberty sets in. This is usually starts about twelve and ends somewhere around the age of twenty. The hormones in these bodies are raging out of control and cause the acne to show up. For those who are looking for a natural remedy for their acne, changing to a healthy diet fits right in. By adding more natural foods and less processed foods, the body is more at home. This means adding healthier fruits and vegetables to the diet.

Taking out many of the fired and greasy foods in the diet is a good start. It is also helpful to remove foods with excess sugar in them. Processed foods such as microwave dinners, can be swapped out for cooking your won fresh vegetables and meat. Coffee, tea, and foods with caffeine need to be avoided as they can speed up the body's process and cause the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum.

A natural alternative for cleansing the body of the damage and toxins the junk foods have left behind is Psyllium Husk. The Psyllium Husk is easily found in a health food store. The mixture to use, for this cleansing, is one tablespoon of Psyllium Husks to one eight ounce class of water. Psyllium Husks acts as a laxative and is the ingredient in some well-known laxative products on the market. Cleansing the colon of the left behind excretions will give your body a new start. This means the skin will be able to remove easily the sebum without excess buildup of sebum.

To find the right diet for your individual needs, a nutritionist might be a good choice. They can help you create a diet rich in foods that are known to help ease the problems associated with acne. They will also be able to give you healthy alternatives in place of the processed sugars and junk foods you are currently eating. It is important to remember that whatever goes into the body will show up in the condition of your skin.

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