Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Best Acne Treatment Always Follows One Simple Rule - Learn How To Be 100 Percent Acne Free

Let's face it - Acne is annoying! It's the number one skin condition and affects millions of people. The bad news - most people never get rid of their zits. The good news - You can have 100% clear skin with the best acne treatment.

Getting rid of acne isn't all that hard once you understand what you must look for in a treatment. There's one important rule you must follow: You have to treat all the causes of acne in order to eliminate it for good.

When you go into the drugstore you can find dozens of different products that claim to help get rid of pimples. The problem is that these products just don't work. They try to get rid of one zit at a time instead of treating acne at the root of the problem.

Ok, so let's look at what causes zits. This way we know what the best acne treatment will have to treat.

1) Excess Oil On Your Skin - If your sebaceous glands (skin glands) are overactive and produce too much oil, this extra oil clogs up your pores and causes breakouts.

So what does this mean? You need to use a treatment that eliminates the excess oil, unclogs you pores and controls future oil production. This might sound like a lot of things, but the best acne treatment accomplishes all of this by working as a "system" to attack zits from all angles.

2) Acne-Causing Bacteria - Studies have shown specific types of bacteria to responsible for causing acne. This bacteria can't be killed just by using any soap out there - you need a treatment that specifically targets this bacteria and destroys it before it does any damage.

3) Inflammation of the skin - This is one of the biggest causes of breakouts that almost all the acne products seem to ignore. When you have inflammation of the skin, your skin cells are too busy trying to fight off this problem to be able to also fight off pimples.

Even worse, acne looks a lot worse if you have inflammation. The big, bright, fiery red zits or patches you sometimes see are a direct result of inflammation.

Many people don't even know they have inflammation since it can happen "under the skin" and can be difficult to see. However, it is absolutely critical that you treat inflammation to be sure that you are attacking your acne from all angles. Many people see a drastic improvement simply by treating their skin for inflammation.

To find the best acne treatment for you, make sure it treats all of the above causes. It's the only way you can truly cure your acne and get the clear skin you want. If you want a head start in finding the best ones out there, check out the reviews at

Remember not to be discouraged if you have tried certain products that haven't worked in getting rid of your pimples. 95% of the products out there don't actually treat the causes of acne therefore they don't work in the long-run. However, I promise once you find the best acne treatment for yourself, you will look in the mirror and see the perfect skin you want. All the best!

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