Monday, January 21, 2008

Acne Diet - What to Avoid For Clear Skin

Having suffered from acne for many years and having tried lots of different treatments, I found out that to clear my skin only required a few simple changes to my diet...

I tried most of the common acne treatments, like antibiotics, accutane and over-the-counters. I also tried expensive cleansers, both from my chemist and online. Unfortunately, these were either useless, or actually WORSENED my acne.

It wasn't until I started to look at a more natural approach - changing my diet- that I actually cleared my acne.

By making simple diet changes you can clear your skin very effectively. This is because some food causes hormonal imbalance - and this means you get acne. Whilst some food does the opposite and actually balances your hormones, helping to prevent breakouts.

The worst food for hormonal imbalance is vegetable oil. It actually causes the worst breakouts you get - cystic ones. By avoiding vegetable oil I saw a DRAMATIC improvement in my skin.

You are likely getting the most of your vegetable oil from your cooking oils (e.g. sunflower oil). Vegetable oil is also found in junk foods like cookies (biscuits) and chips (crisps). By not eating much vegetable oil you will see a major improvement in your acne, as your hormones will become more balanced.

Making simple changes to your diet is the best way to clear up your skin, and is in my experience the ONLY way. For more information about how to clear up your acne visit my website now

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