Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How To Use Natural Acne Treatments To 100 Percent Eliminate Acne

Millions of people look for ways to clear their acne - after all it is the most commonly diagnosed skin condition. There are hundreds of different treatments out there to choose from, so I thought it would be helpful to look at what is available. Natural acne treatments are your best bet - let's have a look to see how you can get the clear skin you deserve.

First off, let me give you the first piece of advice that is SO important. DO NOT use prescription drugs to treat your acne. Perhaps I'm a little biased because I don't like to take drugs unless I absolutely need to, but there is good reason why I suggest this.

When you take prescription drugs, you aren't actually treating your acne at the root of the problem. For a treatment to work, it needs to address all the causes of pimples. The prescriptions that are given don't actually do this. Because of this, they will not cure your acne in the long run.

An even bigger reason to avoid them is that there are all natural acne treatments that work a whole lot better! The reason for this is that they are specifically designed to fight your pimples from all angles.

Of course, there are hundreds of products to choose from. And sadly most of them don't work, or only make a tiny difference. So let's take a look at what causes zits - the only way to effectively get rid of your acne is to treat all of the following problems:

1) Excess Oil On The Skin - This is one of the biggest causes of zits. When your sebaceous glands (skin glands) produce too much oil, this oil clogs your pores which causes new pimples to develop. You need something that not only takes away the extra oil that you have on your skin, but also controls the oil that your skin glands produce.

2) Acne-Causing Bacteria - There are specific types of bacteria that have been linked to acne. They can build up on your skin during the day - obviously you want to get rid of it before it causes problems! Not just any old soap will work either, you need something that is designed to target this type of bacteria.

3) Inflammation of the skin - This is a big one! Inflammation of the skin can not only lead to new breakouts, but will also make any existing pimples look awful! When your skin is suffering from inflammation, it doesn't have the strength to also defend itself from new zits. And you know the big, fiery, bright red pimples you see? They look that bad because of inflammation.

And even if you can't see the inflammation, it doesn't mean you don't have it. A lot of the problem happens "under your skin" - it's important that you have a treatment that addresses inflammation otherwise you won't have gone the full length to eliminating your acne.

The only way to get rid of pimples in the long-run is to cover all of the above causes. Go to to read up on acne treatments that do exactly this and have been proven to work. It can be extremely embarrassing to deal with acne, but be confident that you can get rid of it completely if you take the right steps.

Best of luck in your quest for clear skin! Remember that natural acne treatments are your best bet - they work better than prescription drugs and offer the best longterm solution. All the best!

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