Monday, January 14, 2008

Dry Skin Causes Acne

Dry skin aggravates and inflames acne. It is caused by over washing of the skin, the same thing that causes oily skin. Acne does not improve when your skin is dry, acne specialists presume. To get the clearest skin i found washing it once in the morning, having a shave in the afternoon and showering at night works the best.

I also found that eating healthy and a lot of tuna which contains omega 3 has a big impact on clearing up acne prone skin. Vegetables and eating salad is really good as well with a lot of water. The two main things that affect the skin i have found and have been told by dermatologist is mainly chocolate and soft drink. So staying away from them two is a good thing.

Sleep is another thing that helps acne and the skin to repair meaning dry skin becomes less likely. All the steps required to improve your acne are the same steps that should be done to minimize your chances of getting dry skin. I have found dry skin annoying and depressing when i use to get it. But its really not that bad and if you stop washing it so much the dry skin will quickly go away. Usually within 12 hours.

Rubbing some vitamin e cream on the dry skin also serves as a cure and will fix it up rather quickly. Other creams can aggravate your acne so make sure you choose the right one to use. I wish you the best with your on going acne struggles, it took me 5 years to beat it, i hope it takes you less.

More other great information can be found at Acne! The site is dedicated to helping acne sufferers beat there current problems so i wish you the best in your struggles,

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