Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ok first, when is acne medication, like Differin Cream, necessary? There are many situations where acne medication may be necessary. The medication does not work for everyone, and should only be taken after talking with your dermatologist or doctor.

Differin Cream is most commonly used by people with moderate to severe acne. Dermatologists will often prescribe this medication with some sort of antibiotic or herbal supplement (a lot of dermatologists prescribe it along with Nicomide and Amoxicillin). It is a retinoid-based cream that works to reduce the formation of blackheads. It also helps skin cells renew themselves quicker. Differin comes in 2 liquid base forms: Gel and Cream. The only difference in these forms is that the Differin Gel is oil-free.

Like all acne medications, Differin Cream/Gel has some side effects: Dry skin, irritation, peeling, burning, and scaling. The most common side effect is peeling.

Acne medication is not always the best way to minimize it. We have done some research and have found out that the majority of people that use over-the-counter products, simply use the products and take no other precautions when treating their acne.

We believe that anyone can have clear, acne-free skin by following these steps:

* Find one product that has had positive testimonials and has a money back guarantee.
* Wash your face every morning and every night with the cleanser that comes with your acne product

* Drink water until your urine is mostly clear. This usually means drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is the most important step; if you don't follow this step, you probably won't see results.

* Stay away from the caffeinated sodas! These contain a chemical called bromide, which can spike acne.

Most people fail at either step 3 or step 4 and then complain about not seeing results. If you are having problems finding acne products to use with this four-step treatment, visit this site: Acne treatment

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