Monday, November 19, 2007

Acne Free in 3 Days - Well, What is it?

There is a lot of hype about an acne cure program called Acne Free in 3 Days on the internet. But what is it? And does it work?

When I first started looking around online for a solution to my acne I found the acne free in 3 days website, and although skeptical that all my acne could be gone in only 3 days, I was curious and also desperate to clear my skin - so I bought the program...

...And was instantly disappointed. You see, the acne free program is basically just a 3 day apple fast. Nothing but apples to eat, and water to drink for 3 whole days!

The theory on why this is supposed to work is that it is a 'cleansing' process that removes toxins that cause acne from the body. This results in clear skin. That's the theory, but does it work?

So I tried the 3 day program when I had the time to dedicate to it. It wasn't easy and I was hungry for 3 whole days straight! But by the end of the 3 days my acne had cleared very well. Not perfect, but a good improvement. For a few days after the fast my skin cleared up even more. And for about a week afterwards I was essentially acne free.

But then the nightmare returned. After a about a week of enjoying normal clear skin, my acne came back. So I re-read the acne free in 3 days book, and found a small note towards the end that stated that the program should be done once or twice every month to remain acne free!

I was gutted. I couldn't possibly do that 3 day fast twice every month, for 2 reasons:

1. It's extremely tiring eating nothing but apples for 3 days. I had no energy and was essentially housebound for the whole 3 days. I simply didn't have the time or energy to do this twice every month.

2. I lost quite a bit of weight doing the fast just once. I feel that to do the fast twice a month could have led me to lose dangerous amounts of weight, although thats just me of course.

So I was back to square-one - acne plagued. And it wasn't until I started to research food that I found out a more practical and effective way to stay acne free. I found that by avoiding vegetable oil, a major cause of acne, my skin cleared up dramatically. If you do the same you too can see great results. For more information about how to clear your acne visit my website now.

Jack Venta has set up a free website for you that reviews the best acne cures available and reveals how he cured his acne 100% within 1 week. Check out his website at Acne Solved right now.


Anonymous said...

Many people feel that their acne is overly embarrassing and
unmanageable. I have read story after story of heartache, especially
from teens that endure heartless bullying from schoolmates. There are
so many different remedies and medications. What most people fail to
realise is that each individual has a different biological makeup and
what works for one person may not work for everyone. In some cases
certain acne treatment can adversely affect already irritated skin.
This further causes unnecessary embarrassment and frustration to an
already uncomfortable situation.
Propaganda fuels misconceptions about different so-called remedies and
even causes. The idea that chocolate and oily food causes acne. When in
truth, makeup, unhealthy skin and even perspiration can cause acne.
All of these factors affect the skin. But even your skin makeup can
affect your skin and create back acne, scalp acne, large assesses or
ingrown hair. There is an acne questionnaire done by a company called
Skinmed that will help to diagnose acne problems through a series of
questions, and then it n recommends the best acne treatment for each
Teen acne is typically the most difficult to diagnose because of
hormonal considerations, but there is a special area meant just for
teen acne that has a completely different set of rules when running the
formula that determines the best medications or treatments. In some
cases simple changes in hygiene and daily washing is all that it takes.
The site also has a free offer on acne facial cleanser that is made up
of a three step process. The primary reason most teens, especially boys
tend to have more problems with chronic acne is because of a lack of
simply washing their face regularly. So this treatment is free is a way
to create a healthy daily routine, while gently healing the skin to
prevent acne scarring brought on as a result of squeezing the sores.
Once daily cleaning is practices, and hormonal issues are taken into
consideration, a proper treatment regiment can be highly affective.
At the end of the day most acne, even teen acne , can be eliminated
quickly and permanently with the right motivation. After all, we all
want to be beautiful don’t we?
Susan Smith

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