Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dealing With The Psychological Impact of Acne

Research on acne cures and solutions continues as it has for years but there has not been any really conclusive evidence or solution found that can guarantee that some form of acne to some degree will not form at any time during an individual's lifetime. Although acne is mostly seen in teens, it is not uncommon to see acne appear in anyone from babies to senior citizens.

But particularly in the teen years when young people are doing their best to make the best impression possible (usually on someone of the opposite sex), and the fact that acne is most commonly found on one's face, it has been found that acne can cause a psychological barrier and associated problems related to the acne condition.

There is a popular myth which states that young women are much more concerned about their appearance than young men. This is blatantly untrue. Although there are some in both genders who seem to not really care, the ones who do care are pretty much equally distributed between boys and girls.

When acne is visibly present, as opposed to a very mild case of acne, the person becomes concerned about it and can develop problems as a result of that worry, where some people become almost obsessed with it. Many teens become socially withdraw, being very self-conscious of their acne problem and firmly believing that anyone they meet notices their acne problem before they even get to know their name.

The general behavior of teens who struggle with an acne problem are different, and sometimes vastly differently, many of the characteristics displayed are the same or very similar. These would include:

* A lack of self confidence.
* Being pre-occupied and self-conscious about their appearance.
* Over dressing or even going to the opposite extreme, where it would seem that they do not care how they look.
* Pushing away from their friends and family.
* Isolation.
* Suppressed anger.
* Low self-esteem or low self-image of themselves.
* Depression.

Any or all of these symptoms and characteristics can be exhibited with one that suffers from acne, and the number and severity of the characteristic tends to become more acute relative to the severity of the acne problem.

It is interesting to note that young men tend to display these characteristics much more so than young women, simply because young women can cover up much of their acne problem with makeup, although in severe cases this does not work well for the young woman either.

You need to be aware that acne is not just a temporary skin problem, but it is a real skin disease that should be treated. There are various kinds of creams and lotions available over the counter at drugstores, but it may take some trial and error to find the one that works best for you. Everyone is different, and a lotion or cream that works well for one person may have no effect on someone else. Acne can also leave scars, which is something that will be with you the rest of your life.

Find out the truth about acne and take steps to control it by understanding it, understanding what causes it, and what will work best for you to control acne.

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