Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Proactiv Solution Acne Control: The Blemish Busters

Do you suffer from acne? Is acne causing you to have a hampered social life? The Proactiv Solution acne treatment system offers the cure. Its 3-step system wipes out acne at its source.

Proactiv removes the impurities that bind with oil in your skin that act to clog your pores. Underneath the skin, inside these clogged pores,a bacterium grows. It is this bacterium that causes the reddening and swelling commonly known as a blemish.

Proactiv Solution delivers a three step system that unclogs the pores and attacks the bacterium at its source, deep within the individual pores.

It begins by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities with finely milled tiny grains of apricot pits. Rubbed on the skin with acotton ball, it serves to expose the clogged pores for delivery of the active ingredient: prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide.

Next soothing botanicals are applied to balance the tone of your skin. Excess oils are removed and the skin is left feeling and looking rejuvenated.

Finally, the skin is given a secondary, deeply-penetrating dose of prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide. With impurities and oils now completely out of the way, the active ingredient attacks bacteria at its source and wipes out the blemishes.

With the skin in this newly exposed state, it is recommended that you apply a sunscreen if you are to come into contact with the rays of the sun. Proactiv Solution offers an excellent sunscreen called Oil-Free Moisture w/SPF 15. This is no ordinary sunscreen. It is light, oil-free, and specifically designed for acne-prone skin. It will not contribute to re-clogging pores as will most oily sunscreens.

Proactiv Solution also offers Daily Oil Control for those with oily skin types as well as a Refining Mask to further boost the healing powers of the 3-step stock system.Regardless of your specific battles with acne, Proactiv has youcovered.

Written by Sheridan Amerson. Find the latest deals on Discount Proactiv Solution online. You can also get the best Cheap Proactiv Solution here.


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