Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Use Proactiv to Clear Your Acne

There is nothing better in the morning than waking up with clear skin. On the same note, nothing ruins a day faster than finding a bunch of unsightly zits on your face. Before, you might have tried a good handful of acne medications that claim to fight this skin problem but only ended up damaging your skin because of harmful ingredients. If you do not know it yet, the battle with acne has long been won by Proactiv Solution.

A three-step treatment program developed by two top American dermatologists, Proactiv Solution consists of the following: Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Lotion. The cleanser works to rid your skin of grime and dirt as well as prepare it for the toner. Once your skin is free from dirt that can not be removed by normal washing, the toner will now try to soothe and soften your skin. Lastly, the lotion will help rehydrate your skin, which was stripped of its natural oils during the first two steps.

With such a simple treatment program, you will not believe how effective Proactiv Solution can be in treating acne, preventing it from coming back,as well as maintaining a clear skin. All it took were just three solutions and your life has completely changed. No more piling tons of make-up to cover blemishes or wasting money for visits to expensive dermatologists. You will no longer blame your parents for giving you bad skin.

Proactiv Solution has become so popular for its effectiveness that celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams and Britney Spears have even endorsed it. You might want to consider trying out Proactiv for yourself. Chances are, it will work like a charm on your skin. It’s no wonder that Proactiv is the best selling acne medication on the market today, and for good reason - people like it.

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