Friday, July 06, 2007

Acne Myths

One of the keys to curing your acne is fully understanding it. If you read too much into the huge number of myths and false-truths out there, you'll never be able to get over your acne. Sometimes, you may well even inadvertently make things worse. When I suffered from acne, I fell for just about every myth and magic home remedy. Below are some of the methods I tried, and some of the false claims I believed. Don't make the same mistakes I did.

#1: Acne is caused by poor hygiene.

Wrong. Acne is primarily caused by out-of-whack hormonal levels in your body. Hygiene is not the main contributing factor. Granted, you should be washing your face with an oil-free cleanser when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed, but cleanliness alone will not cure you of your acne. In fact, if you wash your face too often, your acne can actually get worse.

#2: Acne is caused by diet.

Nope. Anyone remember that acne commercial where the teen says, “People think that I eat too many chocolate bars”? The commercial had it right: there is no conclusive link between diet and acne. Much like hygiene, however, you should still use your common sense. Don't eat three meals a day at McDonald's. That'll give you a grease overload, not to mention a weight problem. But eating a burger or a slice of pizza or a chocolate bar won't give you a sudden acne breakout.

#3: Getting a sunburn gets rid of acne.

I learned about this one the hard way. The thinking behind the theory is that when your sunburn starts to peel, your acne will come right off along with the dead skin. On the surface, that much is true. But a sunburn also acts to drive the acne infection deeper into your skin, and you can be sure that when it erupts again, it'll be much, much worse. A sunburn also makes your skin quite a bit more sensitive and prone to breakouts. Not to mention the skin cancer you'll be risking...

#4: The only thing that gets rid of acne is time.

No! First, if you leave your acne alone, especially if it's a severe case, it can leave you with ugly scars and pockmarks, not to mention the fact that for some people, it just doesn't go away. Second, acne research has progressed to the point where there are medications available that can clear up your current acne and prevent future breakouts. Why wait for time to take care of your acne when you can cure it now?

Don't fall for any of the same acne myths that I did. You'll only make things worse in the long run. Use a quality acne fighting system and get rid of your acne now.

I suffered from acne for years, but when I found a medication that worked, my entire life changed for the better. There's no reason that the same can't happen for you.

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