Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Get Rid of Pimples - Few Tips on How to Kill That Zit Safely!

Many people believe the only way to get rid of your pimples is to squeeze, pop and scrub them dead. Well to clear this rubbish up it's the worst way to clear up your pimples. When you pop a pimple you may leave a scar that will last forever.

When you squish your pimple it may become infected and it will create swelling and redness. Touching your face alone will help spread acne on your face so try not to do that. Here I have provided a few tips on how to get rid of your pimples for good.

Get rid your pimples tip 1.

The first step to getting rid of your pimples is not to pop it or hurt your skin in anyway. This will only make your skin red and inflamed making the appearance worsen.

This will also aid in the spreading of the pimple causing bacteria and the oils that give you pimples, in the end the worst thing you can do is pop that zit.

Get rid your pimples tip 2.

Use concealer this will hide your spot when you in the need for a quick appearance fix. Make up does not help you get rid of your pimples it's just there to hide it.

When use make up never ever forget to wash it off. If you don't wash your face you will create more pimple causing bacteria and oil. Most make up will clog your pours and lead to new pimple break outs, so always wash your make up off.

Get rid your pimples tip 3

To decrease the inflammation of the pimple try use an ice pack every 30 minutes on hold it firmly against it for at least 2 minutes. When applying the ice pack to the pimple it will bring down swelling, redness and practically will make your zit smaller.

Get rid your pimples tip 4

The best way to help get rid of your pimples is to cleanse your skin, at least twice a day. Try using a mild chemical free face wash or an acne face wash solution.

After a face wash you should apply an alcohol free skin toner to close up you clean pores. After applying skin toner add a light moisturising cream to avoid dry skin.

Try exfoliating you skin 3 times a week. Removing dead skin will help prevent your pores from getting blocked up. Try getting a gentle, natural, and water based exfoliation gel. You could also add table salt to you face wash but be very gentle when exfoliating your skin.

Well hope this helped you to get rid of your pimples. If you like this information and want to know the best practical cures for acne that are 100% free at please visit and thank you for reading.


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