Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cause of Pimples and How to Treat Them

There is a special occasion just around the corner and pimples appear. This is more than annoying, you want to look your best and this happens. The cause of pimples and the cause of acne are actually very similar, which could mean, that the treatment for pimples may be along the same line as the one for acne.
Usually acne occurs in a certain time frame, usually around the time of adolescence (of course there are exceptions to the rules), while pimples, with the right triggers, can occur anytime and that is the difference between the two.

The main cause of pimples is very often a combination of bacteria being there and dead skin cells, which accumulate in the pores. Bacteria is actually living on our skin and the problem starts when the bacteria finds its way into the pores and they get infected. The infection can show up through red lumps or bumps and it doesn't necessarily stops there because these could produce pus. Another cause of pimples can be poor hygiene and an accumulation of dead skin cells due to sebum. If you don't clean your skin properly it can cause pimples because it allows an accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells and dirt. Alternatively, there needs to be a balance, because if you wash your skin too much it can cause more production of sebum and that can aggravate pimples. If you wash your skin twice a day it will be enough to control the production of sebum. It is quite important to avoid touching your face because that can also help to reduce your skin to be exposed to dirt and dust.

If your immune system goes through any changes, because your defenses are lower, which will make you more susceptible to an infection, it could be a cause of pimples. And then let's not forget, here's the word 'STRESS' or hormonal changes those can be huge factors for the cause of pimples. Your health and wellness can actually be hampered through stress. If you want stress relieve you probably need some determination because this is certainly not easy. But it can be done. Consider taking up meditation.

In particular if you are a women you will notice that you usually get some pimples just before you get your period and that's were the hormonal change comes in, which is the cause of pimples. Those pimples usually disappear in a few days and this cause of pimples is easy to manage. It's still annoying and if you are affected by those kind of pimples try and keep you skin extra clean and sebum free just before your period.

These are the most common causes of pimples and their treatments are the easiest.

There are a lot of expensive products out there and a lot of them don't even work. For years I suffered from acne and believe me I tried lots of different products, cheap and expensive ones until I finally found a solution. It helped me to get rid of my acne in days. Don't waste anymore time and money on useless products.

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