Monday, January 05, 2009

Home Remedies For Acne - This Will Help You to Get Rid of Those Ugly Monsters Real Fast

Acne is one of those notorious skin eruptions that can be painful and very distressing as well. These eruptions are usually painful and often leave marks which takes long time to heal. Also the medications available for acne are not always helpful and often depend on the type of skin you have.

As there are so many problems related to acne, the natural solutions are possibly the best. Not only are the natural home remedies cheap and economical, but these are also convenient to use and you can find the product ingredients almost everywhere....

But before actually learning about the best natural home remedies, you must know that a proper diet and plenty of water is a must for treating acne rapidly. You must detoxify your body and this in turn would improve your skin condition. Try out some of these effective and economical remedies for relieving your skin from acne eruptions:

Tip #1: DO you know that the regular toothpaste which we use for brushing our teeth can actually be effective in treating acne and the inflammations caused? Yes, it's true. Toothpaste, not the gel ones, can help in getting rid of acne over night. You need to apply some toothpaste to the effected part and leave it over night. The every next morning, your acne will be gone.

Tip #2: Cucumber is a very good treatment for acne; it is cool and can help in soothing the skin and the inflammations as well. Crush cucumber to make a paste and then apply it in your face for 30 minutes. Do it regularly to prevent further acne breakouts.

Tip #3: Garlic can also be very useful in treating acne after being applied repeatedly. Make a paste with garlic and apply it on the effected parts of your skin. It would cure your acne and would also prevent the form appearing again.

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