Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How to Prevent Pimples - Be Informed!

Prevent pimples and enjoy the confidence boost from a clear complexion. The root cause of pimples is not known, but it is believed pimples result from a number of linked factors. One factor is increased hormones called androgens (sex hormones). Androgens rise in both boys and girls at puberty resulting in larger sebaceous glands that creates more of a fatty substance called sebum . Hormonal changes during pregnancy or birth control pill use can also promote pimple formation. Other factors known to influence the development of pimples include stress and diet. There are actions you can take to achieve clear skin.


Prevent pimples by reducing stress; studies have determined there is a direct link between stress and the development of pimples. Stress is not always bad as it protects us by getting the body ready to react to fight or flight situations. Stress that occurs constantly from pressures in your life tends to affect the body in a negative way. You are feeling stressed if you feel anxious or tense and as a result your heart may also be beating faster. This negative kind of stress can be reduced by carrying out some self analysis to determine the root cause of the anxiety in your life. Physical exercise is a great way to reduce stress and improve overall health. In addition relaxation exercises such as Yoga is an excellent stress reduction technique. Reduced stress will help you prevent pimples and maintain a clear complexion as well as overall health.


Prevent pimples by eating foods that do not promote the development of pimples. Eating the right foods can play a significant role in clearing up out breaks. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and staying away from junk food would be the first steps to take to achieve clear skin. Keeping yourself well hydrated is important for maintaining good health; most people do not drink nearly enough water. Drinking lots of water has numerous benefits, including healthy skin.

Although we may not be able to affect hormone levels during pregnancy or adolescence we can reduce stress levels and eat the right diet in order to prevent pimples. Pimple prevention is a reality with the right knowledge.

Author's Note:

You may have read or heard that that diet does not promote the development of pimple or acne outbreaks. According to the latest research the exact cause of acne is not known. There appears to be agreement that different factors play a role. With respect to diet, I have my own personal experience to draw on. At one point I had severe acne and was prescribed oral and topical medications. It was not until I changed my diet that my skin cleared up.

I am not diagnosing or prescribing but only suggesting factors to consider based on existing research. Studies have shown pimple outbreaks are caused by just a few factors. Find out what they all are and how easy it is to get rid of them by clicking on the following link.

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