Monday, December 18, 2006

Tips To Cure Baby Acne

How happy you are with the arrival of your baby, first or second I do not know, but how sorry you are to see the small red spots on the cheeks of the baby. Many of your friends and relatives have assured you that it will go away, you also know that it will pass over, yet you are worried. You feel the need to seek tips to cure baby acne, either from your doctor or other experienced ones, who have tackled such situations.

Baby acne is not uncommon among the new born. Its other name is infantile acne. Though cheek is the favorite place of baby acne, it manifests over chin and forehead as well. Babies are born with it, it can get it anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months age. It can hang on till the baby reaches the age of six months as well.

Again, nothing much to worry. Time is the best healer. Mother's hormones did the trick. The baby gets exposed to the hormones, when mother carries it. The good and bad of the hormones were passed on to the baby. As the baby grows, the effect of the hormones also fades away and you are happy to see the clean, rosy cheeks of your baby.

As for tips to deal with the baby acne, the first tip is, don't do anything to worsen the situation. Picking any acne is bad, and to do it on your baby is worst. The skin of the baby is very tender.

Also, you are not expected to put any oil or lotion on it. Let your anxiety not score over the reality. Wash the baby with the finest and mild soap. As for washing its clothes, treat it as the part of the baby itself and use a good quality detergent.

You are again told not to worry much about the baby acne, your concern is understandable, if acne persists even after 6 months of age. Then you need to contact your doctor.

In fact, your care about the skin during and after pregnancy and your diet is as important as the care of the baby. New born baby's skin is gifted to it by you. Since most of the babies depend upon mother's milk, for their maintenance and growth, your style of life has direct effects on it.

Skin is the base on which acne thrives. An infant's skin is highly sensitive, and in the first few weeks after the birth, many changes in the conditions occur. Don't make a grim situation of the normal changes and minor irritants. The market is flooded with some necessary and a host of unnecessary baby products. Don't daub the baby with powders, oils, lotions and creams. Let the skin breathe freely to enable it to meet the acne condition in the natural way.

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