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The Physical And Psychological Effects of Adult Acne

During the past several years there has been the general belief that acne is a skin disorder that affects only teens. In part, it is true that this skin problem is most common among teens and that's the reason why acne has been associated with teens for many years. However, the perception that this skin condition would go away when one reached adulthood is not the case any more.

There are many adults who have had acne as teens and are no longer afflicted by it. However, there is a great number of adult people who are battling acne too. It's a fact, while teens do make up a large percentage of the acne-suffering population, it is also more common in adults than one might think.

The Physical Effects Caused By Adult Acne

Perhaps the worst physical consequence that acne can bring to adults (and to all people who suffer from this skin problem in general) is the scarring it can leave. Scars make it really difficult to cope with acne. The main reason why this is so is because aging skin is thinner, and as such its recovery capacity is much more lower that than of teens. This might not be as much a concern for many young adults however, as the skin ages the consequences by acne can be more devastating. In the worst-case scenario, prolonged acne could produce deeper scars. And this undoubtedly will play a very significant role in how one is physically perceived.

The Psychological Effects Caused By Adult Acne

Besides its physical effects, perhaps the most negative effects that acne causes in adults are its psychological effects, which can be long-lasting and cause serious problems. Just like teens, adults who suffer from acne often become the victims of anxiety and depression. The problem is that acne makes them feel more sensitive to what other people around them might think of them and how they are perceived. But unlike teens, these psychological effects can be more harmful in adults because many feel they shouldn't be suffering from a skin problem that should have cleared up since long ago, or shouldn't even have hit them in their adulthood at all! The worst consequence caused by acne in adults in the end is lowering their self-esteem. With a very low self-esteem, many adults are often forced to stay away from attending any type of social event to avoid placing themselves in a situation where they might feel inferior.

Treating Adult Acne - Is There Hope?

Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous treatments available to treat adult acne both over-the-counter and prescribed. In order to have the best results, it is generally advised to learn about the cause, symptoms and type of your acne before the right treatment can be recommended. Once this is done, it becomes easier to control this condition. With the right treatment, you can begin a really great skin care regimen that will take the place of any harsh, aggressive, and sometimes even dangerous treatment that you might be tempted to use.

Treating adult acne as soon as possible is the best thing to do. It does not matter what type of acne form you have, it is crucial to look for treatment. And although the results might not come for some time, you'll be taking the most important step towards recovery - taking action!

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