Thursday, November 25, 2010

Picking Blackheads - Why Are They Ineffective?

Blackheads are those tiny black bumps that you usually see on your chin, nose and forehead. They are annoying, stubborn, and you just can't get rid of them easily. There are many solutions that you can do to make them disappear. Picking blackheads, however, is not one of them.

I know you can't help but touch your face and pinch those pesky black bumps. I know how that feels like to be obsessed about removing those awful little stressors. Take it from me. Doing this is extremely bad for your skin. Why? Reason number one is that touching your face alone spreads bacteria. Bacteria, when combined with oil and dirt, instantly cause acne and other skin problems.

Reason number two is that erroneous squeezing of blackheads causes scar. Sure, the scars are easy to conceal but pinching affects the pores surrounding the area you squeezed. This makes more blackheads appear on the other areas. Wait! There are more reasons to scrap the picking idea.

Reason number three is that your blood vessels might be damaged if you squeeze or pinch your blackheads. Unfortunately, only a pricey laser treatment can remove or restore the damages made in your skin. Still not convinced why you should not pick your blackheads?

Reason number four is that picking blackheads creates more problems than when you started. If you happen to pick them incorrectly, the clog in your pores may be pushed further away from the top layer of the skin. This causes a lump and can only be removed by your dermatologist. However, it will create a large hole in your face once removed. To top that, it is very difficult to cover up a big and deep hole on your face. So do you still want to pick your blackheads?

Instead of picking your blackheads, why not start clean? You can cleanse your face every day to avoid the formation of the black bumps. The daily cleansing unclogs your pores and removes the oil and dirt accumulated all throughout the day. If the blackheads are already in your face, you can remove them by using pore strips. In addition, stay away from smoking, alcohol, spicy, fried and unhealthy food.

Drink about eight glasses of water daily to hydrate your skin. If you want, you can look for natural homemade remedies to use on your face. One sample remedy you can use is tomato. Slice your tomatoes and then put them inside a container (or preferably a zip lock bag). Place this container inside the freezer and let the tomatoes freeze. Gently massage them to your face once they are frozen. You may find it uncomfortable but tomatoes are really good in exfoliating your skin and removing the blemishes. If you are not too comfortable with this remedy, there are more recipes online that you can do at home without the hefty price tag.

Picking blackheads is not safe. Even the lightest or the friendliest pinch will still cause more trouble than you had before. Instead of picking, why not cleanse your face daily or do homemade remedies for them? I bet they are more effective.

Mick J Jones is a health and beauty enthusiast who wishes to help those who have skin problems. You can read more about it when you go to Picking Blackheads

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