Monday, May 10, 2010

Treating Adult Acne - 5 Ways to Clear Adult Acne Fast

Treating adult acne does not have to be difficult. However, many adults have a hard time because most treatments are for oily skin associated with teen acne. Most adults tend to have dry skin with acne breakouts. Having acne as an adult can be embarrassing and sometimes stressful. It an also be confusing and frustrating if you are not having results with clearing your skin. Let's discuss various effective ways for treating your adult acne.

Face Cleansing: It's important to cleanse your face one to three times a day to wash away acne causing dirt, dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. You can use a mild soap or a gentle facial cleanser.

Topical Acne Creams: Salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide are two of the most effective over the counter acne medications. They destroy bacteria and help unclog pores caused by dead skin and oil. They are best used after washing your face.

Lotions: Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera are both natural acne treatments which are also effective for reducing scars, breakouts and wrinkles. They also moisturize skin which will help from the dry skin side effects from over the counter acne treatments. They are usually available in creams or gels.

Acne Prescription Medications: There is a wide variety of prescription medications for acne. Some are oral antibiotics and others are topical gels such as Differin and Retin-A. They are highly effective for moderate to severe adult acne and should be discussed with your doctor, which treatment is best for your condition.

Laser & Light: Laser and blue light therapy destroy acne bacteria in short sessions of less then 20 minutes. Often costly, they are great for clearing acne and scars in a short time.

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