Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Using Food As Natural Acne Remedies

The excess production of oil within your oil gland causes acne to occur. This is not just a condition that effects teenagers. Adults are often plagued with acne, and although it is not a life threatening disease, it can leave scars and cause embarrassment.

There are a number of natural acne remedies that can lessen your acne outbreaks. These remedies are easy, effective, and inexpensive. No matter which remedy you choose, remember that it may take up to six weeks to see visible improvement from the beginning of the regimen.

Certain vitamins can help improve your acne problem. Taking Niacin and Vitamin A three times a day or Vitamin E and Zinc three times a day have helped people get rid of their acne. This treatment need to be taken no less than a month.

Some foods are great for more than just eating. For example, pulverize an orange peel and mix it with some water. Apply this poultice to the acne. You can do the same thing with lemon juice and raw garlic. These treatments need to be applied several times a day, but they are proven to lessen the appearance of acne.

What you eat is as important as what you put on your face. Poor diet and poor eating habits can bring about various acne problems. Consuming excess sugars and starches along with fried food and food full of fat can wreak havoc on your skin. If these harmful toxin aren't released from you body quickly, they are absorbed into the blood, which causes the skin to work hard to release them.

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Food you eat somewhat has a relation to acne. One should look over on the foods eaten in order not to have it.

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