Monday, October 12, 2009

Hormonal Acne Treatment - You Need to Understand This in Order to Beat Your Acne

When someone enters adolescent stage, s/he is going to suffer from pimples at one point or another. But this does not imply that once you are past this stage that you develop immunity from infections that cause acne. Therefore, you need to invest on a good skin care system that will prevent formation of acne and maintain a healthy skin.

There are several types of hormones in the body and some of them can trigger the formation of pimples. When the activity of hormones is intensified, it triggers excessive sebum production that is beyond what is naturally required for your body. Those oils clog your pores and when you are exposed to various external particles that result in an infection. Thus, inflammation develops on the surface of your skin that is manifested by the formation of a red bump.

Since this takes place internally, there are various hormonal therapies and hormonal acne medication in the market, which are all intended for reversing the effects of intense hormonal fluctuations in the body. Women are most vulnerable to hormonal imbalances that explain why pimples are a far more common problem among women. There are several instances in a womans lifetime wherein she undergoes hormonal fluctuations. Among them are during pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and menopause.

Oral medications are very effective in treating acne caused by hormonal factors. It helps to address the root of the problem and prevent further manifestation of symptoms. Upon the intake of hormonal acne medications, it helps to produce balance in your hormones and prevent excessive sebum production that could worsen the skin disorder. Dermatologists suggest three types of medications that could work against hormonal acne.

The first choice and one of the most common is oral contraceptives. These contains estrogen and progestin, which are hormones intended to replace androgen that is the main cause of hormonal acne. Once the oil production in your body is reduced, it noticeably reduces the acne problem.

There are also anti-androgen medications that are specifically created to counter the effects of the androgen hormone. By limiting oil production, you prevent oily skin problems and potential acne formation. There are two effective types of anti-androgen medication: flutamide and spironolactone.

Finally, oral corticosteroids make very effective hormonal acne treatment. This is highly prescribed by dermatologists for those with acne problem since it helps regular hormonal activity. Two types of oral corticosteroid that contain anti-inflammatory effects are dexamethasone and prednisone.

Even though most of these medications for hormonal acne treatment are widely used, always consult with your dermatologist before using them. This will help ensure that you have no allergies and that you get access to effective treatment.

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jamie said...

One of the main causes of having acne is the hormonal imbalance. This cause comes mostly during puberty in which teenagers are the target. As what I know from a friend, he's taking capsules in treating his hormonal acne. These capsules will target acne inside out.

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