Friday, October 31, 2008

Acne Free in 3 Days? - Is it Possible?

Have you been in search for acne cure in the internet these past few weeks? Chances are, you will be directed to a site that says in big bold letters Acne Free In 3 Days! Sounds too good to be true, isn't it? But skeptics are asking what cure is this and if this really works.

Many years ago, I have cystic acne and the feeling is as bad as ever. I tried to surf the net if there is such a thing as effective acne cure that could save me from distress. You see, my acne experienced almost all kinds of acne treatments available in the planet but none of them became my best friend. So when I learned from a site that I could be acne free in three days, I did not hesitate to give it a shot.

The program speaks of a 3-day apple fasting and according to the information, the apples will flush away colon toxins from my system thus it will make my skin acne free in three days. At first I was skeptical at this apple fasting program but out of desperation, I found myself surrounded with apples for three days.

After three long days, I could smell the aroma of apples everywhere I go but hey, I have few to no acne during those days, like magic! It was incredible and I thought the long search of effective acne cure was over. Until day 4 came...

My skin welcomed acne again and they seem to be more dominant than ever! It was like a nightmare so I grabbed the instructions again. Silly me, I did not notice that apple fasting should be a ritual every month, one or twice a month to be exact. But the problem is I can't maintain this.

I can't go on with my life eating only apples even if it will only be for 3 or 6 days every month. So I researched again and I found a more realistic solution. According to the site, I should try to avoid foods that are rich in vegetable oil. Well, this approach is better and more practical and I find it very effective.

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judem said...

Acne is really embarrassing and I do believed in acne free in 3 days, but it is still depends on you and ask for the expert before using it.

Toronto airport taxi said...

Acne is attractive product for skin but i will suggest before using contact to doctors thanks.