Sunday, August 31, 2008

Top Secret Get Rid of Blackheads Methods

There's always the easy way to get rid of blackheads. That is to just pinch them out. The problem is that's just a temporary solution, and it might not even be effective. While blackheads can form anywhere on your body that you have a hair follicle, they are typically prevalent on the nose or chin. And it's generally not just one or two. It could be hundreds of blackheads. So how do you effectively keep your skin completely clear of this troublesome form of acne?

The secret to get rid of blackheads is not what you think. Pinching and squeezing can actually make the problem worse. The reason blackhead acne forms in the first place is because of clogged pores. When you squeeze your face, you could be causing more pore damage. That means while part of the blackhead might be removed, it will just come back.

What makes blackheads a bit more troublesome than other forms of acne is they tend not to go away. If you have a zit on your chin, you can usually expect it to be gone in a few days. But with blackheads, they usually don't go there. They just add up.

In order to get rid of blackheads, not only have to treat them a bit differently than other forms of acne, but because they tend to stay around for a long time, prevention is the key. One of the quickest ways to remove blackheads is to use a frozen tomato cube. The acid properties that are found in a tomato are an effective exfoliate that will suck the contents of those clogged pores out. In an instant you can unclog your pores.

That's a good way to quickly get rid of blackheads. But the more critical step is to make sure they never come back. To do that, you'll want to download to complete guide, Blackhead Free for Life. You can instantly download that at

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