Monday, October 29, 2007

Breaking News - Best Acne Treatment

Acne is a well known skin condition which affects nearly 90% of the teens and even more than them. Most of the people recover from this severe condition without any post-effects made. What about the rest? These people suffer from the scarring -"The acne scars". Though there are many topical beauty care products, the effectiveness may be less. The best acne scar treatment can be found within the skin resurfacing and some of the surgical procedures available. These processes provide you the maximum benefit in blemishing the acne scars.

Whenever acne vanishes by itself or by some cream-treatment, it leaves back the scar, which may be a red pigmented mark and still worse it may turn black. This is actually not an acne scar, but a series of post-acne changes. The healing process takes nearly 6-12 months after acne vanished. If there will be no development of acnes over that particular area, the skin will turn normal within few months.

The unwanted exposure of skin to the sunlight may cause the skin to get damaged, which will ultimately result in delayed healing. Hence it is necessary to wear a sun-screen before you move out. The next best acne scar treatment can be termed to the usage of tretinoin which is complex of Retin-A and Renova plusAvita. This compound speed the remake of the skin and help in diminishing the acne scar. Further more, the correct use of some of antibiotic compounds like Alpha-Hydroxy Acids or Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) comprises of exact measure of the pH which ultimately results in the softening skin.

Peeling off the scabs should be avoided 100%. If the scabs are plucked or peeled off before its usual series of changes or before it gets dried by itself, then the scabs again starts the remodeling of the skin and the process repeats from the first to form a new scab. Hence the drying process will take little more duration. Since the drying of the scab is really important in the treatment of acne scars, using an anti-oxidant makes the post-acne changes and also scars to diminish. The next best acne scar treatment will be the application of vitamin E which when its applied over the face containing acne scars, the acne scars shall be blemished slowly within few weeks.

Acne may appear on face or shoulders or even neck or back and front shoulders. The Acne vulgaris contain non-inflammatory lesions as well as inflammatory lesions but cystic type of acne is little severe than the Acne vulgaris. The acne treatments are available in plenty though the prevention of acnes are little tougher. These treatments reduce the production of sebum which even reduces the bacteria that is responsible for the infection of acne.

Exfoliating the skin with a gentle herbal mix may help peels away the dead tissue. This treatment must be used continuously till acne vanishes. Using a good effective acne treatment, consisting of herbal remedies may be beneficial.

Anita R writes for Skin-Products-Store.COM that provides information on all aspects of finding Acne treatment The information provide by our Acne SKIN CARE EXPERT! You can find more details and tips about aromatherapy skin care in our education center.


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