Saturday, August 18, 2007

Does Accutane Acne Treatment Work

Ok what is accutane acne treatment and what is it all about well I will tell you. This is a drug that dermatologist give to patients as a last resort. It is basically an orally taken drug which acts similar to vitamin a in the body which is used for maintaining the immune system, vision and growth. Cure acne.

As you know my name is Arinze I will tell you my little diary of this drug and its effects I personally had myself.

March 2007
As with a lot of you my acne was very bad because Of this I was very unsociable I tried a couple of creams but nothing much happened all I had was a bad smell on my face.

March 15th 2007
After being depressed that none of the products worked I saw a dermatologist after I took the drug the doctor told me give it a couple of months and you should be fine.

June 28 2007
After taking the drug I noticed some side effects my skin was very dry, dryer than usual and I could not go down the pub to have a drink with my mates. I also saw my girlfriend less and less because I was so embarrassed what people would say and the reaction they would give to me.

July 18th 2007
My acne finally cleared up I could have a social life meet my friends become and see my girl a lot more.

August - October 2007
After having no acne effects for 1 month the next 3 months was a nightmare I could not go out with my friends. My girl broke up with me and the reason why was because the effects took a reverse turn I got acne ten times worse than before and because of this I got in a deep depression and became even more sociable than before. I am sorry to anyone taking this form of treatment. Please stay well clear unless you like the side effects of deep depression from taking this drug.

Since i did not get my answer from accutane acne treatment i did a search on the internet talk to people with similar situations to mine. I found that Please Click here for more free info.

Hello my name is Arinze I am very annoyed I just bought acne product to get rid of my really bad acne and all it has done is made my face smell bad. This is really annoying don�t you just hate when you ask for something and it you get something else. It would be nice if even 90% you get what you paid for. So from time to time I will give some reviews of products or companies I have dealt with in the past. Also I wont be biased I will tell straight how it is straight from the horses mouth. (Obviously not literally) Please Click here for more free info.

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