Friday, January 19, 2007

Best Ways To Cure Back Acnes

Acne is fast becoming a common occurence in both teenagers and grown-ups. People often think of acne which occurs on the face because that is where it is commonly noticed. However, as many acne sufferers know, the face is not only the area where acne can develop.

Other areas where acne can occur are the chest and the back. Unfortunately, chest and back acne are often harder to treat compared to those on the face. This means that products that one usually uses to treat facial acne might not be as effective as acne on the chest and on the back. Further, since the back is always in contact with the clothes (and other materials which could irritate the skin), this could worsen the condition of the acne further.

Treating back acne is similar to how one would treat facial acne. For example, one has to stick to a daily skin regimen for treatment, consisting of cleanser and moisturizer. However, applying medication on back acne could be more difficult compared to facial acne.

The clothes that you wear could be worsening your back acne condition. For example, tight or rough clothing rubs against the skin on your back and cause skin irritation. Also, the sweat from the tight clothes could cause excessive oil production by the skin. This eventually results in acne breakouts on the back.

In addition to clothes, we could also figure out the other things that could be causing back acne. For example, heavy backpacks that are worn across the shoulders and the upper back could aggravate back acne conditions. If you have acne on the areas in the shoulders and the upper back, you should consider stop using a backpack. A good alternative would be a shoulder bag. Once your back acne clears up, you could then use the backpack again.

The first step to treat back acne is to determine the severity of the acne's condition so that the appropriate treatment could be given. The degree of 'seriousness' of back acne could be characterized into three types - mild, moderate or severe. Additionally, one should also determine the type of skin - oily, dry or combination of both. This is important because different skin types show different reaction to acne medication.

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