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Choosing the Proper Acne Alternative Treatments

Choosing the right regimen of acne alternative treatments can mean a lifetime of clear skin without the difficulty of obtaining yet another medicine from your doctor that either won't work or will cause such severe side effects that you will believe the acne is better than the treatment. Millions of people suffer from acne on a worldwide basis. There are a number of homemade and herbal remedies that we in the western world don't even consider because they are not a prescription medication. However, acne alternative treatments are the only thing that will cure your acne problems without side effects.

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Choosing a diet that is reliant upon unprocessed fruits and vegetables can help to cure your acne. You will need no less than five servings of some type of vegetable and one serving of some variety of fruit every day for the diet treatment to work. If you eat a lot of trans fats, you will have to cut them out of your diet. Increase your intake of foods that contain omega-3 oils. Be sure to take in at least eight glasses of water each day with your new diet.

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Increase your intake of vitamin and nutritional supplements. Taking five thousand international units per day of Vitamin A has been shown in a variety of studies to decrease acne in many people. Zinc can help prevent acne before it starts if taken in mild doses. Vitamin B6 can reduce skin sensitivity and help stop acne breakouts as well.

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Using herbs like sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, and cleavers has been shown to dramatically reduce acne outbreaks. If a blemish erupts while using these herbs, dab it with tea tree oil for overnight results. These are best taken in their natural form for full effectiveness. The best way to do this is through tea.

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