Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What Causes Acne? - It Might Not Be What You Think

Though we may know or be familiar with some of the biology causing acne, most researchers feel that the various acne causes are not fully understood.

Notwithstanding a few of the myths surrounding acne such as sunburn causes acne, chocolate causes acne, or oily skin causes acne, most researchers seem to feel that an excessive amount of an oily substance called sebum may be the main culprit.

Although sebum is required by your body in order to maintain your hair and skin's lubricity, unfortunately during your teen years your body produces more sebum than is necessary. Perhaps this may help to explain the reasons for a prevalence of acne in one's teen years.

Sebum combines with naturally occurring dead skin cells and this mixture blocks your hair follicles. This blocking prevents you are body's sebum from escaping. This trapped sebum is thought to be a primary cause of acne in teenagers.

This blocking of the escape of sebum results in this sebum becoming trapped beneath your skin's surface. This condition provides a favorable breeding ground for the growth of bacteria. When this bacteria multiplies, your skin becomes red and inflamed. This condition causes what is called pimples.

The production of excess sebum is call is to buy a male hormone called testosterone. Testosterone is produced by both boys and girls. However, during your puberty years, your body changes the way it reacts to the presence of testosterone.

This abnormal reaction to this hormone, which occurs during your teen years, results in your skin becoming excessively oily. By the time you get into your early 20s, your body has begun to normalize the way it reacts to testosterone. It is at this time that you were acne will normally clear up. Adults experience acne much less frequently than do teenagers.

Sorry folks, but acne does appear to be partially hereditary. However, most researchers who study act me still do not know why it is that some people are affected by acne when others seemed to escape acne's ravages.

Researchers have begun to determine that some conditions of a person's lifestyle may aggravate acne. A few of these conditions may include stress, certain medications, diet, skin irritation, and even more modal activities such as a woman's menstrual cycle.

A few of the medications that seem to be linked to acne include barbiturates, androgens, halogens, and anabolic steroids used for body building. A few of the dietary causes are thought to be related to skim milk or products containing skim milk.

Some people think that they are may be an association between fast foods, chocolate, and pimples. However most researchers have not come up with any significant statistical evidence that these foods might aggravate or cause acne.

Some a recent research from the folks in the scientific community has been targeting the narrowing of a person's hair follicles as being perhaps one cause of acne. And individual's hair follicles might be calm restricted due to a number of various causes. These might include an excessive shedding of your cells within the hair follicle. This is called abnormal cell binding. Water retention may even cause your skin to swell resulting in a narrowing of your hair follicles.

The narrowing of a person's hair follicles keeps dead skin cells from exiting your follicles. This in acne may cause dead skin cells to build up beneath your skin. When you combine with sebum, this creates a condition in which is ideal for the breeding of bacteria and the development of acne.

Most people with acne find an irresistible urge to squeeze and pop their pimples. This of course is a big no-no. Doing this will spread bacteria to the other areas of your skin possibly creating a worsening of your condition. By popping your pimples you also risk creating this acne scars which may be, permanent. The popping of your pimples is one of the causes of acne scars.

Even touching your face can cause a worsening of your acne condition. Although touching your face is a difficult habit to break and all of us experience the tendency to touch our faces throughout the day, you must work to avoid this.

Your hands contain oils and bacteria which will cause a worsening of your acne condition. You must make sure that anything that comes in contact with your face is clean. Some of the things which come in contact with your face daily may include your glasses, your hair, and your telephone.

Keeping your hair away from your face is especially important. Also other items such as hit bands, acts, and other clothing accessories should not be allowed to come in contact with your face.

Most of us are in the dark when it comes to the knowing the causes of acne. Find out more about what causes acne by visiting What Causes Acne?


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