Friday, July 16, 2010

Acne Alternative Treatment - Tanning Booths Are Not Recommended

As teenagers, pimples and acne are high up on the list of things that cause great distress to them. Unfortunately, acne during puberty is something that some have to face - no thanks to the changing hormones in their developing body. Though there are others that are spared the headache of getting acne during puberty, the majority must go through this ordeal. Many teenagers try to deal with their acne problems by applying acne creams, while some go to the extreme by using tanning booths as a method of acne alternative treatment. The latter, however, is absolutely not recommended.

Trends come and go. While it was fashionable years ago to look pale, nowadays having a tan is the way to go for women. Tans have become increasingly popular in the last few decades and it helped trigger the mushrooming of tanning booths in the country. Some teenagers feel that they could hide their acne by getting a tan.

While this sounds silly, it does have some science backing. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, the melanin in the skin will trigger the color that resembles a tan. The production of melanin will temporary cancel out oil glands, which have been known to be the culprit behind acne. Also, blemishes and scars caused by acne would seem to disappear under a dark tan.

However, be warned that this treatment is not at all safe. Though having a tan might look fashionable, repeated usage of tanning booths and exposure to UV rays can result in greater problems than acne. Teenagers who are overexposed to tanning booths and UV rays will get more than just a tan - they could end up having orange complexion. This is a sign of damage to the epidermal layers of the skin. When you decide to have a tan to hide your acne, understand that you are not dealing with the core problem. The acne will still be there once the effect of the tan disappears.

Sometimes the acne problem would be so severe that no amount of tanning can hide it. Teenagers that are faced with this problem would usually end up with a lot of freckles and puffiness in the eye area. The multiple visits to the tanning booths could also increase the chance of getting skin cancer.

To conclude, understand that going to the tanning booths will not solve your acne problem -- as it may even cause far greater problems. Instead, consult with your dermatologist to get the best available treatment that is safe.

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